6th day of water fasting

Ok, so this is my 6th day of water fasting, feasting on my saturated fats reserves. Day 5 was already different, in line with what is happening today. Yesterday I could put my new pants on, size 30, that I had bought as a celebration of my recent 2 weeks fast. But after starting my low-carb/Sally Fallon lifestyle I went overboard with GOOD fats, so I regained what I had lost……but in 5/6 days I lost it all again.

Now yesterday I think I finished burning this new healthy fat, and started burning my OLD fats, the ones from 10/20/30 years ago, and they contain toxins of when I smoked, when I ate a lot of magarine and trans-fat cookies, so I feel more exhausted then the other days. Yesterday I started spitting, and today even more, which I remember from my earlier fasts where on the first days. Spitting is a good sign, my body is detoxing, meaning my liver is working very hard to get junk out of the blood and to send them to my excreting glands. This would explain why I woke up with cold feet and hands, my energy/blood is busy in my liver. Also bicycling and stairs are much harder, I have less energy for my outer limbs.

I now weight 160, 5 years ago I was at 235, then with mostly exercises and better nutrition I got to 185, after last years fast it went to 175, and now 160. I am 5 feet 10 so I feel quite alright with this weight, I will stop the fast after tomorrow to make it an even 7 days. My aim now is to maintain this weight through exercises and my own induction plan, low on saturated fats, and lots of WATER. I think I will be able to accomplish this….

more to come…


Bless you all   xxxxx    Guy


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