Breaking my 7th day water fast!

So how did I break this fast? Well not with the usual fruits, as I want to keep in fat burning mode and not revert to sugar burning.

1- The 7th day around supertime I took a bit of Kefir (yogurt could have been fine) to create/feed my stomach flora.

2- A couple of hours later I took more Kefir with 1/4 apple to feed these new healthy bacterias, and a small glass of coconut milk. Then it’s bed time!

3- The next morning I had more Kefir mixed with coconut milk and with some berries. As I was getting hungrier I fried an egg in olive oil. No butter or cheese for me at this point. And drinking lots of water!!!!

4- At this point I felt ready and hungry for lunch, so did my first official Paleo Meal: Ham, Eggs, Tomato, Avocado and Asparagus, and it all went down very well.

Today, day 9, I feel totally recuperated. I’ve started to take my Magnesium and Cod liver Oil and Coconut Oil in the morning, as well as a MultiVitamin. At this point it is very important to keep drinking lots of water everyday, as during the fast. My only concern is to figure out what causes the leg cramps at night….maybe the retaking of Magnesium will take care of it, and on the long run the nutrition dense paleo meals will resolve this matter!!!

Here’s my Paleo breakfast!

My family was quite surprised, breakfast suddenly becomes a real sitdown family moment! Interresting

For today, more reading from Eades’s Protein Power Lifeplan, which actually is more of a Paleo than a Lowcarb book! And more understanding about lectin, gluten and the unhealthy grains, legumes, and God forbid dairy!

So until next,  GGrrrrrrrrrrr Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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