Tonight on the Paleo menu: Atlantic Salmon Filet

I’m the cook of the house, and I like things fast and simple! Often I surprise myself as I improvised around the ingredients that I find in the fridge. Still today I went to the market and bought this wonderful atlantic salmon filet!

Here’s tonight’s recipe!

1- Put a bit of olive oil in a pan, and lay the filet down on the side with the scales. This is my trick, it kinds of hardens/roasts the scaly side, this way when I turn it over it just peels off in one easy piece. Surround the filet with a courgette/zuccinni.

2- Once the filet has been turned over and the scales taken off, season lightly with oregano and paprika (no butter, no salt, no pepper!). Put some lemon rings on top. I had bought some marinated bigorneau/winkle at the market, and put some of the juice in the pan, along with lemon juice, of course!!!

3- Meanwhile steam some vegetable: Tonight on the menu broccoli, brussels sprouts and string beans, add oregano as spice.

4- Serve with a simple salad, here with some red ognion, and a filet of olive oil. Add one winkle and put some of the marinated sauce on top. Then add the salmon and the zuccinni.

5- To make a sauce, add some water in the pan, a little bit of the marinated sauce from the winkles, a touch of lemon, and yes, a tiny bit of butter. Then serve with a lot of love and tenderness.

Et voila! It was delicious and it was a pleasure sharing it with you!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy



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