First day of water fasting, saturday september 26, 2009

Saturday septembre 26, 2009

First day of water fasting

I was really looking forward to this, preparing myself since a couple of week. I first stopped with coffee 2 weeks ago, which resulted in 2 days of a mild but ever present headache. This way the first effects of the fast wouldn’t be confused with caffeine withdrawal. My first surprise was to notice how much my life was centered around coffee. My daily activities started either before or after the first cup, and then came a second cup. Later after lunch came the third, and finally at 4pm snack time maybe a fourth cup. Also I had the habit of sitting on a terrasse with a coffee to do some writing. So the changes were as much about caffeine as the rythms of my days, as if I no longer had my watch!

Following this first week of preparation I stopped eating flours and grains, so no more bread. I also mostly ate fruits and salads, staying away from cooked foods. When I did eat some cooked vegetables I felt quite heavy in the stomach, such a different feeling then with the fruits, and I was also drinking lots of water. The days where I mostly ate fruits gave a small feeling of detox on my tongue and in the mouth. I’ll comme back to this aspect later when I’m well in detoxication.

So this morning of september 26 2009 I’m starting my first fast with only water, without juices or other beverages, and I weigth 82 Kg (180 pounds). As I’m getting 50 years old next november 4th this is a present I’m giving myself, an end to my past and its heritage that I’m still wearing, and a welcome to life’s new offerings! Also as an artist who works on the metaphysics of existence, I find totally fascinating to question the nature of reality through my body.

Update September 11 ,2010: Ouch! this is what I used to look like!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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