Exercise Paleo Style Number#1

Exercise Paleo Style Number#1

#1 Bag throwing!

We have a wonderful body, we have an ingenious body. It’s too bad we forgot how to use it and how to enjoy it! Here’s my first Paleo style activity to reconnect with our physique and to strive for perfect overall health: I call it Bag Throwing!.

First, go to your hardware store and buy a bag of sand, cement, whatever. I got myself a 25 pounds bag (11.5kg). Wrap it up in a old or new curtain shower (supercheap) and put as much ducktape as you want! Make it into a nice pattern, gladiator style, or garden party (whatever that would mean). Here’s mine:

Then just lift and throw the bag as high and as far as possible. Use your whole body, from the end of your toes to the tip of your fingers, bend your knees, bend your body. Throw it on a bed, on a couch, throw it in the air and catch it again. You can even run around the house with it! Most important of all make it fun!!!!! And if you are doing it with a friend make it even more crazier! Personally I have a rebounder (more about this piece of equipment in another post) so I can use it to play bounce and catch with all my might!

In a nut shell, Paleo Style exercise (anyway my personal definition) is about a whole body full motion fun activity. The aim is to stimulate as many senses possible, as opposed to the conventional exercise protocol of isolating each body part. Your whole body, it’s hand/eye coordination and muscular and vascular system gets a work-out, except you don’t call it a work-out but a play-out! Hey, I like this expression, a play-out! So this is play-out #1

If you send me pictures of your own Throwing Bag I will post them on this page! So don’t forget, have fun!!!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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