Sunday september 27 2009, Second day of water fasting.

Sunday september 27 2009

Second day of fasting.

12 years ago I stopped smoking, meat maybe 9 years already and milk products about 7 years ago, and since a few months I augmented fresh produce such as salads and fruits. So my fast begins quite easily, no headaches or other aches. On the contrary I don’t feel a big difference, just a small tightness in the stomach, but no hunger. The only concrete signs are that I seem to be burping a lot and that my level of energy is below average. I’m not sleepy nor do I feel tired, just fine. Oh yes, I shouldn’t get up too fast if not I feel dizzy.!

Yesterday I gave a lecture on visual arts and it went extremely well, so the fast doesn’t affect me much (and the audience was very pleased). PS Je redonne cette conférence mercredi le 6 octobre 2010 à midi, gratuit

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So why fast then? It is just fascinating that we can function without food! More so, there are multiple health benefits, since as soon as digestion shuts down we obtain 30% more energy to maintain our body (this happens on the third day on average). So the body now has energy and time to ‘repair’ itself. A little note, during the fast the body is not unnourished but on the contrary nourishes itself on stored non-essential matter. In the same way that our system builds proteins by deconstructing foods (digestion), the body deconstruct fat and diseased cells to rebuild new proteins! It is wise!

Last detail, fasting is not for everyone, for exemple people who take a lot of medication should not fast. But anyone can take steps to prepare themselves for a fast. So you must read up and get well informed on the subject, and consult a physician before attempting a fast! I recommend books by Herbert M. Shelton.

But actually no need to buy the books as many of hir works are freely available on the net, such as: The Hygienic System: Fasting And Sun Bathing | by Herbert M. Shelton. You can access it here:

Thanks again, and more still more to come!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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