My Oath to you ! September 13th, 2010

My Oath to you ! September 13th, 2010

I can’t believe it!

I can’t believe the transformation. Just look at the pictures!  I am a performance artist so I am use to taking pictures and documenting my self, but this is just jaw dropping! Today I am happy I took these pictures in 2003, because unless I see them I just don’t believe them. They are a great set of before and after pictures! It is possible!!!!!!

From 2003 at 230 pounds to 2010 at 165 pounds!

From 2003 at 230 pounds to 2010 at 165 pounds!

From 2003 at 230 pounds to 2010 at 165 pounds!

Shhss, just look at those legs and arms….just amazing. I will keep this pictures out on my desk to remind me of my oath to you, my blogfriends. My oath is that I will not regain the weight I lost, and not only this I will now build a beautifull and strong body on this blank slate of a body!

I am not sure yet how or when or by which method I will work-out, or Play-Out as I ‘ve mentionned before, but with my oath I am now accountable to you! So with this in mind I’ve taken a new series of pictures to which I will compare one year from now, September 13th, 2011, and you can count on me!!!

Now I do feel totally silly in these pictures, I have no idea what I am doing except what most people seem to do in those kind of pictures…… so it’s allright. have a giggle, they are funny!

In another post I will tell how I went from 230 pounds to where I am today. But for today this is my oath and I now have one year to make it come true!!!!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

About Guy Giard Author Dreamer & Keynotes

As I ask myself: "What do I have to offer to this world? What service can I bring to people all around the world?" I answer; "To help them achieve their dreams!" As a child I lost my ability to dream because of the neglect, the abuse, and then the bullying at school, the continuous heart aches of disastrous relationship and thoughts of suicide. When I finally figured out that the source of all my failures, doubts and pain was the loss of the ability to dream, my life changed! If you can't dream, you won't have a vision of your passions and of your life's true purpose, you will feel the pain of hesitation, of emptiness and won't be able to achieve your heart's desire. I want you to dream, to be inspired by life and to set in motion a full life of joy, success and happiness. I know it is possible, because I have journeyed from the abyss to the light of success. I know the road and I know anyone can achieve it! If everyone would reconnect to their dreams and set them in motion we would be creating a world of peace and love and where everyone is included. This is my belief, this is my dream, and every breath I take is to make it come true. When I write :"I love you all" It comes from the deepest part of my heart; your dreams are amazing and beautiful! Let's make all our dreams come true! I love you all xxxx Guy Giard - Author
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7 Responses to My Oath to you ! September 13th, 2010

  1. Congrats Guy! The best part of your transformation is your huge smile! I love your oath, Im about to make one of my own as I come up on my 1yr. Thanks for inspiring me today!

  2. Roland says:

    Wow, nice work! I also lost about 70lbs. I used to be 230-235 and dropped all the way down to 265 before putting some muscle back on over time.

    Great job and keep it up!

  3. Great, thanks Roland!
    Those are the same numbers as me, from 235 to 165, and now it is the unknown to me has I am on the road to building some muscle!
    Thanks Roland, and great articles on Little Dog Lost and JP fitness!!!!

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  5. ddwwd says:

    lol not same person hahahahah look better

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