5 Minutes Power Paleo Lunch!!! recipe

5 Minutes Power Paleo Lunch!!!

5 Minutes recipe!

Yes, 5 minutes, told you, I like things fast and simple! so here goes:

1- In a large pan put a bit of olive oil, then chop lots of garlic cloves, and some large chunks of red onion, tomatos and raw broccoli.

2- Add liver (yes liver!!! I have a good organic butcher close to home), but any piece of meat will do. I chose liver today because half an hour ago I was giving my blood to the blood bank!

5 minutes Power Paleo Lunch!

5 minutes Power Paleo Lunch!

3- Cook! (add spices and a bit of butter)

4- Eat with a little glass of wine!

Power Paleo with wine!

Power Paleo with wine!

Yes wine! I mean it’s not because you are alone at home that you can’t give yourself a nice company! Yourself!, never forget to treat yourself! You can even light some candles and put on some nice mellow music! And yes, I do take the time to enjoy life (as well as writing to ye all).

I gave blood today, from the advice of the Eades’s book Protein Power Lifeplan, an excellent book! You may have too much iron in your body, mostly as you advance in age, so giving blood has many health benefits, it’s a win-win situation. I’ve learned that they basically take 10% of your blood volume. Years ago I used to live in Amsterdam, Holland, and every night with a system of locks they actually ‘flush’ the canals!!! So giving blood is also a good flush for your system, you can then create some fresh new blood! Soon I’ll write an article on Paleo health tricks, like how to get rid of warts with ducktape!!!

Oh I forgot 5- Eat slowly!!!!!!!

(Pps: you can add some Flax Seed Oil on top to balance the Omega 3’s)

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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