Guess who’s coming to dinner! Paleo for the visit!

Guess who’s coming to dinner!

Paleo for the visit!

Ok, ok what are you going to do!!! You have guests coming over and you are preparing a Paleo dinner, Oh boy. Actually Paleo is so rich and tasty it shouldn’t be a problem! On the menu Pork chops with Red Peppers and Mushrooms! Miam!

1- Chop red peppers red onions in big chuncks, you know me. Wash the mushrooms but don’t cut them. This is another trick 0f mine, whole mushrooms. Mushrooms have such a mild flavor that when you cut them up they basically loose all of their distinctive taste. Keeping them whole seals the flavor in, as well as sponging up all the other tastes in the pan. When all the vegetables are prepared, just dunk them in the pan, with of course just a little bit of olive oil.

2- Cover your vegetables with the number of guest/meat you need, add herbs and spices, place a lid on and let slowly cook and all the flavors blend in. After a while bring the chops to the bottom of the pan so they can get roosted in the juices of the vegetables. Eventually your pan will look like this, miami:

3- In another pot prepare some vegetables for steaming, and when done just put the pan and the veggies on the table. I like to put the pan on the table, it makes it feel more homey and like old times, from the fireplace to the kitchen table (and it does save washing extra dishes).

4- Before hand prepare a small crudité salad in the plates, here are cucumbers, tomatoes and olives, with a filet of olive oil.

5- Now the piece de resistance, add butter to your vegetables, and add a gorgeous piece of goat cheese on the pork chop! Believe me, your guest will never look for the bread or the potatoes!!!!

That’s it, your guest will experience their first Paleo Dinner and will want to come back for more! (Robb Wolf can always come over if he’s in town, I’m ready!)


A Happy Guest! and Happy host!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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2 Responses to Guess who’s coming to dinner! Paleo for the visit!

  1. Stephen says:

    Guy, once again, you have left my mouth watering! Outstanding!

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