6th and 7th day of water fasting. Friday october 2nd 2009

6th and 7th day of water fasting

Friday october 2nd 2009

What a day! I feel poisoned, I have a headache and my energy level is very low. I feel as if I drank a whole bottle of cheap wine, and I slept badly last night. But that’s ok because it’s a sign of good detox. I lost a lot of weight, more in fact than I expected (tomorrow I will announce my new weight). I got rid of recent fats, and my weight came down lower than it ever was, so I feel I have released old fats containing toxins from when I didn’t eat so healthy! Also I have many toothaches, I wonder if it is due to my mercury fillings. The answer was to increase my intake of water to help my kidneys. I forgot, I have such a backache! This makes’s me understand what my body has been going through with the kidneys, and with drinking more water it’s starting to get better. Phew!

Here how it is : The more toxins you’re exposed to, the more weight you gain, the more medical problems you get. When toxins enter your body, the fat cells in your body surrounds them, captures them, and then stores them. Accumulated toxic fat cells attract each other and accumulate. They attach to our cells, tissues, and organs. Belly fat and visceral fat wraps deep around our organs and are the hardest to get rid of and are the most dangerous to our health. They become a toxic part of us. When you eliminate toxins in your body, you have the added benefit of natural weight loss because you lose all the toxic fat cells accumulated in your body. Each kidney has approximately 1,000,000 tiny filters which removes wastes and toxins from the bloodstream. They filter more than two litres of water and waste from the body every day. To do this, they clean more than 225 litres of blood daily.

Animals are injected with steroids and antibiotics, which cause us to build up an immunity to antibiotics which we need to fight infection. Our water is polluted with heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, pesticidal run off, bacteria and more. Even if you purify the water you drink, your skin is still exposed to toxic water when you shower. Your skin’s pores absorb the elements and are taken into your vascular and lymphatic system, and then deposited in the organs. The air we breathe is also polluted. Hydrocarbons in the air cause medical problems. Dang!

Guy Giard, Le Lavoir, installation, 1999

Le Lavoir

Installation à la Maison de la Culture Marie-Uguay, Montréal
du 13 janvier au 28 février 1999 (http://maquaire.free.fr/lavoir.htm)

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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