Tonight Simple Coconut Shrimps….MIAMMMMM

Tonight Simple Coconut Shrimps


Simple recipe for a happy family!

Today it was raining almost the whole day, a dark pre-automn day…BBrrrrrr, so let’s bring in the warmth of the island with some coconut milk. This again is a super fast super easy recipe, 5 ingredients in all, so here goes:

1- Cut up some orange/yellow/red peppers in big chunks (you know me!) same with some red onions. Don’t cut the mushrooms, just wash them or dry brush them.

2- A bit of coconut oil in the pan and there goes the vegetables! Cook them for a little while so that they soften up and unleash their full flavors. At this point add the shrimps. I buy them frozen and uncooked, I thaw them for 1/2 an hour just prior to the cooking. My trick is to have them the least time cooking so that they keep all their juices inside and don’t shrivel up (who likes shrivelled shrimps!!!!). They cook almost instantly in the high heat of the dish. Last thing just add the coconut milk!

That’s it, you’re done! (I’ve put a touch of basilic for the presentation). Oh, and as for a side dish I bought some Tzaziki at the market, so I make long slices of cucumbers to dunk in. It makes nice little finger fun food along with the main dish! And the more coconut milk you add (not to much please!) the more you end up with a coconut/shrimp soup….. lekker!!! (that’s Dutch for Goooooooddddd!)

Coconut Shrimps

Coconut Shrimps

And it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!

No problem feeding my daughter here!

No problem feeding my daughter here!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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