The Paleo Test #1: The Zen of Paleo Exercise

The Paleo Test #1

The Zen of Paleo Exercise

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

How are you really doing? You know how many times a day a friend or a colleague asks you this question, and you just answer automatically ‘fine’ or whatnot. Well, what do you actually mean?

So, as a friend, I’m asking you, how are you really feeling this morning? How would a Paleo day start? Rushing for breakfast/work? Preparing kid’s lunches for school and then driving them or bringing them to the schoolbus? Most likely not. I think they would get up slowly with the sunrise, with the sounds of the birds chirping away at the first light of the horizon. If you live outside the inner city you know what I mean.

I’ll get to the exercise part soon, relax, breathe. Stress is not only a precursor of disease, but it wreaks havok with your hormones and contributes to your weightgains. Donuts not only spikes your insulin, it gives you a temporary fix followed by a crash, followed by withdrawal symptoms the next day (for those who have experienced the low-carb way they know exactly how it feels, irritable and wanting to gnarl at everyone). So sugar is not a solution, relaxing is. Think of the lion or lioness, how they lazyly lay down unless it is necessary to hunt for food, and when that’s over, back to the ground! They don’t fret or exercise or jog around…. hunt/feed/rest/hunt/feed/rest.

Friends of mine asks me where do I find the time to do all the research and this blogging? Well, I’ve created my life around taking the time to know how I feel and to make it a priority. I work enough (I hunt enough) to get what I need, and the rest of the time I relax, do what feels best for me, which extands to my friends, my family, my communtity, and the planet as a whole. I was Paleo before my time!

The Paleo Test #1: The Zen of Paleo Exercise

So here’s the test, to figure out how in touch or out of touch you are with yourself. Just watch this video, there are no subliminals in it, and it is only 5 minutes long. It’s the sunrise, the one most likely you’ve missed as you were rushing around preparing your day. Put it fullscreen, and just watch. Try to have an empty Paleo mind, silence, nothing, just taking it in.

The results? Whatever pops up in your mind during those 5 minutes is exactly how you feel! Exactly, thruthfully, honestly. Don’t judge, don’t criticize, there are actually no good or bad results, there are no good or bad evaluations.

Could you give yourself those 5 minutes?  Without twitter / email / browsing?  Are you mind-full of your self, or mind-less? Do you think this could affect your quality of life/relationships?

That’s it, 5 minutes to get re-acquainted with yourself. My Paleo gift to you this morning!

How do you really feel now?

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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