8 and 9th day, end of my water fast. Sunday October 4th, 2009

8 and 9th day, end of my water fast

Sunday October 4th, 2009

I decided last night to end my fast, because it was my second night of insomnia. Furthermore yesterday I had a rise of bile, my liver was overloaded. In brief I was  in less physical health than I anticipated. I am very very satisfied to have undertaken this first fast, because it enabled me to get to know the intimate mechanisms of my body. It is generally recommended to make a one week fast as a first experience, it does not engage the repair mechanism of the body but allows detoxication to start. Also with my readings I concluded that a  juice fast might be better recommended in our day and age. Indeed our ancestors were not confronted with so much transformed, denatured with hormones and pesticides foods, as well as with the smog and the chemical in the water. The juice could prolong the resources of the body and give it more time for a healthy elimination.

During the fast I missed the conviviality of my family, and found it more and more difficult to concentrate on preparing my next lecture: the history of the humanity in 56min 30sec, coming Tuesday, October 13th. I hope you will be there because it will be very good!!! For today I drink raw apple juice 100 % natural cut with water, and perhaps will start to eat some apples too. This fruit digests very easily and is a part of many recipes for cleansing the liver. Possibly I will add some salads with alfalfa sprouts and apple cider. For now I will start to familiarize myself with sprouting to grow some at home. I am also going to try to put into practice the 75 % of live food in my plate.

Now here are the long-awaited results, with before and after photos! In 8 days I lost approximately 20 pounds, that is 9 kilos!!! I understand now why I felt so poisoned! It is nevertheless surprising and unexpected. I am very satisfied and I think that I’m getting closer to my ideal healthy weight. A few last words, why go on a fast? For our future, because we can abuse our body for a very long time, but as you near your 50’s you begin to go to the doctor more often for such or such ailments. Fortunately it is never too late and fasting makes it possible to set back the clock! Thank you all, and… Good Fast!

Here I am at the worst of my constitution, it was in 2003 and I weight 235 pounds, or 107 kilos!

Here I am at the worst of my constitution, it was in 2003 and I weight 235 pounds, or 107 kilos! I started to develop sleeping apne, so I decided to start exercising and eventually I lost 50 pounds.

Here I am today after 8 days of fasting and having lost around 20 pounds, 9 kilos. With my little love handles I see that I still have a small way to go. I look forward to get bak at my exercises!!!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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