A Coconut Ghee breakfast to you!

A Coconut Ghee breakfast to you!

Good Morning!

Breakfast the Paleo Way is soooo tasty. The dishes are simple but everything is so full of taste.  I don’t miss the bland toast, because the butter gave it it’s goodness (remember when we used to put margarine….UUurhhhh  shudder…), and the jam, well basically that was sugar. Good fruits are just wonderfull, berries…… miam. Trust me, the paleo way your tastebuds just become more sensitive to all the flavors of nature!

So this morning couldn’t be simpler:

1- Cut some peppers and some tomatoes in quarters and put in the pan with coconut/butter ghee, homemade of course! Same thing with the ham. Put the lid on and cook on medium so that the peppers have the time to get their natural sugary flavors. After 10 minutes add the eggs, himalayan seas salt, some pepper and goat cheese. Add some water to steam the eggs sunny side up so the yellow remains liquid. Et voila!

Now the tomatoes and the peppers I can buy at the market, it’s the time of the year when most vegetables are local, which is just WOW. As for the ham, finding organic grass fed is difficult and quite expensive…. So I buy in-between, not the supermarket cut, but at the market they do have so hams with no antibiotics.

When I buy the ham I recook it in water. My mother used to do this, I don’t know why though? But if anything it takes much of the salt away (I find they are highly salted) and melts some of the bad Omega 6 fats away (this is theoretical, better in another post)

So cook the tomatoes for the flavors and the lycopenes, I’m sure the peppers also have more easily accessible nutrients this way. And for the Coconut Butter Ghee, this gets even more healthy coconut oil in your body, as well as having other benefits.

Here’s a video of how I made it at home, there is no audio commentary, I wanted it to be obvious. But if you have any questions, as usual it is my pleasure to answer them!!!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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