Oysters and Sardines

Oysters and Sardines

Give it a try

Ok, so this one is not such much a recipe as an inspiration to eat more real fresh seafood! I mean for years and years the only sea creature I ate was brown and rectangular, and came with a white and green bumpy sauce.

And now, after being made square to fit in a round bun (?), they want to make it sexy!

Ok, so you don’t live near a fish market, but there might be one closer than you think, and most supermarkets have them frozen, and if you are in luck they might have a fresh fish section. So what to buy? Anything to start with, I’m no expert myself so I look at the prices (I’m cheap) and for inspiration. They say smaller fish is healthier because they had less time to accumulate toxins from the sea. Farmraised fish don’t fare better if they are fed soy and corn (like, totally unnatural, right?) Still any fish is better than no fish at all! You’ll only know if you try. So the other day we bought sardines!

Small fishes are fun! Look at there shiny eyes, and they are easy to prepare:

And they were quite easy to gut and clean:

We ended marinating them in spices and herbs, and then wrapping them individually to cook them in the oven.

I’m not giving you the recipe because the result weren’t soooo great. Hey Paleo Guy has some high standards!!!!!! And unless it’s got the MMMmmmmmmmmm Factor it won’t get posted. My wife and I both agreed that frying them would have been a better choice, making them crisp and ‘crunchy’! So that will have to be another day. But wait, I’ve got this great recipe coming up, for we have a guest coming over for her birthday and I have a big number for her, (drumroll please!!!) the First Fancy Paleo Guy Recipe…  You’ll see…. later


I promised you oysters, so here they are, or at least here’s one!

So here I was at the fish market buying a Tilapia fish filet for my recipe tonight, and looking at the stalls, there they were! I mean who buys oysters? and I though why not, so I asked a few questions and I just bought one, to try. I admit it wasn’t my first one. I remember the first time I had to be really drunk to dare try swallowing something gunky and alive, but same as with the winkles/bigorneau, if you dare you might experience a taste of the sublime. And honestly, oysters are like velvety whipped sea food, very subtle flavour and texture.

huitres mmmm

huitres mmmm

So I’m saying, yes get your Omega 3’s, from fish oil or capsule or even flax seed oil, but why not get them directly from the source! Do something crazy and go get yourself some eel, octopus, squid…..Maybe if I get a Paypal account I could even go try some caviar! So go get some mussels, I already have given you the recipe, and get one or two oysters, or even a whole dozen and have fun with your lover……You know what they say about oysters!!! nudge, nudge, wink, wink!!!

You're number 1 !!!!

You're number 1 !!!!

 So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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