My First Fancy Paleo Guy Recipe: The Sweet Shrimp Pepper Surprise!

My First Fancy Paleo Guy Recipe

The Sweet Shrimp Pepper Surprise!

Wow, was it ever good! I have to put the picture right away!!!!

The Sweet Shrimp Pepper Surprise!

The Sweet Shrimp Pepper Surprise!

Ok , now that I got your attention, here’s a recap of what happened in my kitchen last night. It was the birthday of one of our friends, so I figured I must make something special. I actually thought up this recipe a few days ago, but being more ‘fancy’, meaning longer than my usual 15 minutes, I hadn’t tested it yet. I’m happy I found the occasion yesterday, so here goes.

Now, this is just a nice picture of most of the ingredients. Looks like a cookbook cover (may Stephen’s wish come through!). I take all the pictures, I guess this is where my artist background comes into use!   ;-))

Ok, so what do we need, some peppers, red onion, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes, shrimp, fish filet, herbs and spices. Let’s see what’s missing here….oh yes coconut milk! The apple cider is a nice sweet touch, a fruity white wine like Riesling would also be good (but I don’t think that’s very Paleo of me, have to check Robb Wolf’s new book as soon as I get it!)

1- Ok, wash everything. First let’s prepare the peppers, nothing too complicated here, just cut them open and put them in the oven. There, wasn’t too hard…..Fancy means longer but not any harder! Put a bit of water in the glass pan, just in case. The idea is to soften up the peppers, but not too much, and that they start to develop that wonderful sweet taste. Maybe 1/2 an hour, just check on them once in a while as you prepare the rest!


Yes I know it’s a bit small and was a tight squeeze, still this was good enough for 6 people! I think we are going to have to buy a new one soon (looks a bit crudy…)

2- Now, I think a picture is worth a thousand word, so basically put some coconut oil in the pan and chop the onion and more pepper, but in small pieces. You can see that my shrimps are still defrosting, and I bought a Tilapia fish filet. I needed a filet that would keep well together as I separate it in pieces. The fish is part of the ‘surprise’ of the dish.



 3- As you are doing this, have yourself a little glass of red wine! and keep checking your peppers, we are almost done. At this point add the shrimps and coconut milk, and after a few minutes just lay the filet on top and cover. Let it simmer gently. Finally, when the filet is done just cut it in one inch – 1/2inch pieces, and blend gently with the rest of the sauce in order to not break them any smaller. Of course you could put instead lobster pieces or salmond, it’s up to you!

4- Now one final touch, if you really want to be ‘cochon’, which means piggy, just stir in a bit of cream/sour cream in the pan just as you are to fill the peppers. After put back in the oven and try to broil just the top of the peppers. Voila, this part is ready!


I mean WOW, I mean yummmmm, come on, be honest! Don’t you want to come over for supper?

5- OK, so you got many guest coming! What you do is prepare the plates as you go along. This way when the peppers are ready you just dish in and serve! So what do we have here, Hmmmmm… a leaf of lettuce, slices of cucumber and tomatos, one datte (yes datte! surprise!) and 2 olives. Put a bit of olive oil or flax seed oil. Serve with broccoli and cauliflower. I took some leftover sauce from the pan, squeezed half a lemon in and added a bit of butter, this to put on the steamed vegetables.

6- Serve and enjoy the Gezelligheid (Dutch which means cosy, fun, quaint, or nice atmosphere)

 YYuuuummmmmm, sorry I’m a ham, you should see me licking my plate after! (but you won’t). So thanks again everyone for tagging along. I hope I have inspired you for an easy recipe for your family, Paleo Style!!!!.

 Of course I have to feature the Birthday Girl!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

And this is just my little Paleo Princess….what can I say, I’m just a proud Daddy!

 So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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5 Responses to My First Fancy Paleo Guy Recipe: The Sweet Shrimp Pepper Surprise!

  1. Becky says:

    This recipe looks yummy. I love all the photos you included in your post. As you said, it does look easy. It looks like something I would like to try. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Aquariumfish says:

    Great articles here, all I need to know.

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