At last! Amazing Chicken without an oven!

At last! Amazing Chicken without an oven!

Wow, was it ever tasty!

Yes it’s true, you can make amazing Paleo style chicken in a pan, in 15 minutes (well, 5 minutes preparation and longer for cooking, but hey, it’s Dang easy!).









































But first, just an easy plug for my October challenge, one month no grains, legumes or dairy while building muscles on the TNT program. Follow my progress on Facebook as I start my exercises monday the 27th of september. There’ll be pictures!!!

OK, Let’s get back to our chicken!

Let’s start with a picture just to water your mouth….MMMmmmmmmmm

This was a couple of days ago, and since I’m starting my training this week I thought of preparing some chicken for post-workout nutrition. I’m forgoing the whey to choose for real food instead, so I needed my kip!!! (more Dutch for you!) So here goes the recipe, and by the way they were big chicken legs, even so I was able to place 4 in one pan, pretty cool!

1- So let’s see, what do we have here? 4 pieces of chicken, 2 red onions, garlic, and basilic, oregano, fine herbs and paprika (eventually I put some himalayan sea salt, the only salt I use.) I have also my cutting board with the V on it (no I didn’t steal it from a V spaceship!), V is for Viande (meat in french, hey now your learning French…Oh La La) because it is the only surface that I will put meat on.

 2- Now for Amazing Pan Chicken I take the skin off. There is this talk about the fat and stuff that I don’t really understand (I mean Fat Skin???) Anyhow, skin is good if it is roasted crisp, but this ain’t the Amazing Crispy Chicken recipe, it’s the Pan one! So just skin the dang beast! It’s fun, one of the most sensuous experience in my youth was when I literally teared apart a roasted chicken with my girlfriend, the fat dripping all over, wooowoow. Boy it’s getting hot in here! If you don’t know how to do this, well just experiment. There’s one part where you can always slip your hand under, like under the t-shirt of your girlfriend and just go deeper and deeper, and then pull the whole dang thing over her head…euh…. I mean LEG, the CHICKEN leg…. you know what I mean!


3- Generously cover with your favorite spices, and then put on layers of red onions and garlic. As you can see don’t chop your onions, make big fat rings, for 2 reasons, first when they cook they will stay on top at their place, so all the wonderfull flavors will trickle down into the meat. And as you move/turn your wings around later as they cook you can easily pick the onions up from the bottom and replace them on top. You can’t do that if they’re chopped fine! And not least when you serve the plates the onions are easy to place and are extremelly tasty!!!!!!!!!!! Full flavored!!! (This Paleo Guy knows what he’s doing!)

 4- All there is left to do is to cook them. Now I do use a strong high setting most of the time so you add water, 1/2 inch, and you check once in a while. As the onions and the fat melts the sauce gets brown and very rich and tasty. At this point the kitchen smells heavenly and your family starts to bug you to know when it’s ready. You smile and just enjoy the anticipation! Take some of the sauce with a spoon and drip it back on top….Mmmmmmm.

5- At one point your turn the legs around so the other sides have the chance to sit in the juices and soak up all those amazing flavors (it’s the Amazing Pan Chicken recipe, remember!)

6- Last step, when you’ve turned over your legs it’s time to put the vegetable to steam. This way it’s just long enough top get them crunchy cooked!

 All that is left to do is serve and enjoy!!!!!!   Miammmmm

My ex-vegan girl now enjoys getting her hands greasy!!!!!   GGgrrrrrr….

Well there you go, another happy customer!!!!!!!


You host and friend Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy   ;-))

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

I believe that now that you hold the key, you can transform that “Pull” into a ‘Push’ and choose your life over your story. I believe in you!

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10 Responses to At last! Amazing Chicken without an oven!

  1. how long do you cook on each side for? what high? high? how do you steam the vegetables? I want to make this recipe Friday and I just need a bit more information!

  2. how long do I cook the chicken on each side in the pan? what setting? med high? high? and how and what vegetables do I use to steam? I want to make this dish Friday oct 19!

    • Sorry for the delay.. (a year!!!)
      I start the pan on high with water at the bottom because I’m impatient…. when it is well started and hot I usuaslly bring it down on medium-low…. it is not so much the heat I check but the slow cooking with some stewing bubbles. There is a metal calander at the bottom of my pot with the veggies in… although today you can buy heat resistant silicone ones.
      Sorry for the wait…october 19th is coming back around! :o)

  3. Janice Gilbert says:

    I’m cooking this right now, as it was just too dang hot to put that oven on! I think this one’s a winner! And you’re right; the kitchen is smelling “A”-mazing!!!

  4. Fungie says:

    i like this recipe easy n good so good

  5. SARAH says:

    no oil is used right?

  6. mercy dolo says:

    Thanks for the recipe, I’ve made this 2 times and as I type it is the 3rd time!!!

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