Ok, Now I’ve done it!

Ok, Now I’ve done it!

Actually I did it on monday September 27th, 2010!

Ok, my next step in this journey has just been put down, thanks to you.  Yes, thanks to YOU because, of course I am doing it for myself and my family, but also to honour the Oath I did to you…..So thank you!

Here’s a 4 minutes video of my first session today! Can you guess which part of my body is hurting tonight? It’s the legs, specially the calves!!! Ouaaaaa! It’s from the Lunges, one of the Favorite torture tool of the trainers!!!

I’m also in withdrawal, minimum sugar so no fruits, no wine nor even a bit of dark chocolate, so I’m kind of cranky/short fused, but at the same time I feel my thoughts are so clear. For now I drink tea, coffee, coconut milk and water. (I’ve just made myself a hot coco, pure cocoa of course with half coconut milk/half water and some cinnamon, quite good actually).

What is the training program?

Well you do it 3 times a week, and you always start with a warm-up. Here’s a planning sheet I’ve created to make it easy and straightforward. A No-Brainer as it’s called. The warm-up takes about 5 minutes, and you do warm-up! Surpisingly!


Next you will alternate between 2 exercise program: A and B. Here is A down below, I will post B when I get to it on wednesday! So the idea is to never do 2 consecutive day of exercise to let the body recuperate, to let it basically heal itself by growing new muscle! It’s actually quite simple, you burn fat and build muscle in between exercises, not during! Which is why aerobics is actually not very productive for weightloss and for muscle building, because you don’t have the repair period that weight / resistance training offers, which is often referred as ‘afterburn’. But enough theory for now!!! Here’s my A sheet!


Now foodwise that’s another story! As you know I’m combining the nutrition programs of TNT with the Paleo Solution diet of Robb Wolf. The major difference of course is no grain for carbs, but this can be managed quite easily. But no dairy one has to be more creative (I drove a few Forums crazy with this!) Anyhow, I never really went without dairy before, so this is a new experience / experiment for me. There was always a bit of yogurt or kefir, and cheese in the house. You see my wife is from France, and although she doesn’t like wine (they kicked her out of the country for this!!!! those darn French!) she HAS to have cheese. So I don’t know how far she’ll go with me on this challenge, but hopefully she’ll tag along (she’s so full of allergies  ;-((  )

I mean, come on, we’re such a cute couple! I have to take care of her!!!!


So enough about me! If you have any question about the program, or both programs feel free to ask me! I’ll do my best to answer them….. And I still have many cooking post to come, one is soooo late, the Mystery Banana one! Man this one IS good!!! Maybe tomorrow!!  Oh, and in between the exercises days there is a bit of optional aerobics, but of another sort…more tomorrow….For now keep in touch either here, or on my Facebook Challenge page….Peace!

 So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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