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Exercise Paleo Style Number#2

Exercise Paleo Style Number#2 Because it matters!!! Dang Saturday 23, october 2010 Ok everyone, this is Paleo Exercise post #2. This one is for you and your family. If you’re like me you love your family! Hey Paleo Guy, don’t … Continue reading

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Oh No! The Nobody Expects The Ratatouille Post!!!

Oh No! Nobody Expects The Ratatouille Post!!!
October 14, 2010

Yes vegetables can be our friends too! So Paleo Guy what’s a Ratatouille? The word Ratatouille comes from Occitan ratatolha (love that spelling) from Occitan Provença, which is the area around present day Provence and Nice, that’s the South of France for you guys! You know, Europe and stuff (told you this was a cultural blog)

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Montreal Paleo Connection!!!

Montreal Paleo Connection!!! October 12, 2010 Here we are, the new Montreal Paleo Connection Gang! Hi everyone, well things are moving across the world, and here as well in up and over Montréal, Québec, Canada, the Capital of Multi-Lingual Multi-Cultural Multi-Restaurant fun … Continue reading

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The ABCs of Gooood Chicken

The ABCs of Gooood Chicken
October 9, 2010
3 recipes for the post of one! What a deal!
MMmmmmm, finally, your man (or girl) can cook, or he will be after reading this amazing threefold A-B-C post of what to do with a kip (chicken in Dutch)! Sssooooo, where do we start?
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My 5 Weeks TNT BOOM! Program!

The exercise program I’m doing will extend all the way to Christmas, that’s my official culmination for this first stage. In the New Year I will be able to post new before and after pictures! From overfat to skinny to ‘hey, what a nice bod!’ Still I need your support, I’ve done the first week, now there is 4 more weeks to go for the first phase A of the TNT program. (I did an extra week just for starters). I’ve posted some videos, to inspire those who haven’t started yet, and so those who are quite advanced can help me out by telling me where I can improve my forms! So genieten! (more Dutch, meaning: Enjoy!) Continue reading

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