The ABCs of Gooood Chicken

The ABCs of Gooood Chicken

October 9, 2010

3 recipes for the post of one! What a deal!

MMmmmmm, finally, your man (or girl) can cook, or he will be after reading this amazing threefold A-B-C post of what to do with a kip (chicken in Dutch)! Sssooooo, where do we start?

Step #1: Buy a chicken!!!!

Pfew, that was hard wasn’t it! Ok, ok Paleo Guy stop pulling my leg here, get on with it! I mean buying a chicken, Pfrrrth! That’s a no-brainer! I know I know this one should be a no brainer like you say, but should you buy grain fed? organic? freerange? Well I won’t bother you with the details here, I’ll just show you what I bought:

Now these chickens are fed 96% of corn and soy, which is why I’ll be avoiding most of the fat from this fowl (this is yet for another post). But Paleo Guy it’s frozen stiff! Ok, just leave it on the counter to defrost, and when about ready put it in the fridge until you are ready to start cooking. Easy. But what does a chicken look like Paleo Guy?

Step#2: Get to know your chicken!

Ok, 2 legs, 2 wings, a neck but no head, and a biiiiiggg hole!

So do your inspection, up, down, smell (advice…, it shouldn’t smell anything!!!) and look what I found inside, wow, neat!!!!!

AAAhhhh come on Paleo Guy, that’s gross, and the kids aren’t in bed yet! You can’t show this on the net!!! Ok, honestly I don’t really know what these things are but it says ‘with giblets’ on the label (I always thought giblets had to do with corn, anyhow). So what does Paleo Guy does with these then? Well, he eats them, naturally! I mean, if it says so on the label, I guess it’s a plus, a good thing, an added value. So I figure one must be liver, and the smaller thingy, well it kinda looks like a heart. Now this is what I call getting up close and personal with your chicken!

Congrats you made it so far! so here’s Recipe A

Recipe A: See, I do have a heart!

Ok simple Paleo Guy no brainer here: take those giblets, add a bit of oil, olive or coconut or butter, some tomatoes and red peppers, your favorites herbs… and that’s it!

Serve with olives and avocado (and a glass of wine is also great with any red meat)

Miam, it was Lekker (very tasty in Dutch) I think one was the liver, it tasted and looked like liver, and the other one was harder and hollow inside, and it tasted liked…. chicken…(old joke) Anyway it didn’t taste like liver and was quite good. Conclusion, I’m not dead as I am now writing this post! So let’s get to Recipe B

Recipe B: The Classic Roasted Chicken

Fill your home with aroma and warmth as when Mom used to make oven roasted chicken!!! (if you were lucky enough, I mean this is way before the age of microwave oven!) When I was a kid I used to hang around the kitchen, so I became the official taster of her cooking.

This is when Paleo Guy used to be a Cowboy!

This is when Paleo Guy used to be a Cowboy!

Luckily Mom liked to introduce us to new recipes, I think she even went and took cooking classes with Jehanne Benoit, the french Quebecois equivalent to Julia Child, who also had her own TV show! So let’s start:

Step 1: Getting it all together

So what do we have here…Mmmm… the Paleo Guy regulars, red onions, tomatoes, where’s the garlic? oregano, basilic, bay leaves, hymalayan salt, pepper and essential for roasting, paprika! Oh by the way, notice that I didn’t use my (stolen from a spaceship) V cutting board, it was to small, sooooo I just used wax paper. Love that stuff, but still can’t figure out why we can put it into an oven without it bursting into flames???

Step 2: Putting it where your mouth is!

Ok, now remember from your inspection, 2 legs, 2 wings, a neck but no head, and a biiiiiggg hole! NO that’s not it’s mouth silly cook! It’s aaahhh, well, it’s like…… a hole! basically the inside of the chicken (yes like us they do have an inside and an outside). That’s where they hid the giblets these funny farmers. Anyway the point here is to stuff it with…stuff (remember Thanksgiving turkey stuffing? same thing here). The idea is that as it roasts the juices from the stuffing is absorbed from the inside, so you avoid that nasty dry chicken!


“Man, I’m stuffed!” said the chicken…

Step 3: All dressep up and ready to dance the night away!

Well, Mister Chicken won’t dance the night away unless it’s in a Peter Gabriel video (even so they’re naked!)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, dressing up……Well come on guys, do I REALLY need to explain the next step???


Step 4: Get in the limo!

Ok we’re almost done. Put the seasoned side down in the glass pan, and season the other side. You are now ready to cook, I even made a video !!!!!! Wow, I’ve even impressed myself! The only thing missing is the aromas!!!! So close the radio and the TV and listen to the sizzling sound of the roasting chicken!



Wow, could you smell this???? Heavenly! Ok, things to watch out, put a bit of water at the bottom of the pan so it doesn’t burn, and check once in a while. How long? Well I’ve put it on around 350f and do stuff around the house. I’m presently writing this post on my kitchen table for example (like Magritte), so I go by the smell. An hour on each side should be more than enough. Take some of the juices and pour them back on as it is cooking.

Step 5: Success, you are now rich and famous!

Well making believe is just as good! I mean look at the results, wow!

I just had to make another video, just because it was so beautifull!!!!!

Hopefully I’ll inspire my little one to become a cook for herself and her family!

Wow Yummy totally really!!!! So serve with some vegetables with bit of olive oil! Dang Paleo taste good. Now finally I promised you a ‘tour-du-chapeau’ (french for Hat Trick) meaning 3 amazing recipes, which is not a Tour de France but a Tour de Force! But I love you guys, so here goes #3!

Recipe C: The Classic Swimming Chicken Broth!

Step 1: Find yourself a cooked chicken!

Well by gooooooollly there’s one on the table! Ain’t that just pretty dang lucky!! So waste not, want not! So with your bare Paleo hands explore the carcass of the bird and pull off any big piece of meat, like the breast, greats for snacks and post-workout recovery meals!

Try doing this while holding the camera!!! Man 30 years of being a Visual Artist is sure paying off!!!!   ;-))

Step 2: All together now!

Don’t throw anything! Keep the leftovers and the bones from your plates, put some water in the glass pan. Don’t wash or soap up anything until all bits of food ended up in your biggest pot!

Then add water until it’s all covered up, bring to a boil and then let it simmer until you are tired of letting it simmer! Use your eyes and your nose, and when you feel it’s done it’s done!

It’s just beautifull, so here’s another photo, and even a video!!!!!!

Step 3: Now it’s time trim the fat! (or Who will not be the Biggest Loser!)

OK, we are almost done here. You’ve stopped simmering for a while (not you, the pot silly!!), so much of the fat has risen to the surface. Take a spoon and spoon away that top layer into a little jar, and put it in the fridge. Now let the whole pot cool down. I was tired and it was late so after supper I ended up putting the whole pot in the fridge! (which reminded me that it was time to do the groceries, too much empty space!!!)

So the next morning you spoon out the fat, and do the same with the fat in the pot. Ok guys, only one more step and we can go impress our family with our new culinary skills ( but don’t forget the wine and the candles!!)

Step 4: Where everything boils down to a conclusion!

Put back in the big pot the soup from the little jar, and let’s heat it up one last time, just long enough that it get’s hot. Now get some seives and jars, and the rest as they say, is bottled history!


Keep the jars, very concentrated here, and simply throw the rest away!

Final ABC Step: Enjoy!

Well there you go, I already had some broth/soup for lunch, so I’m left with these 2 topfilled jars! Healthy, yummy.

So from one friendly fowl I got at least 4 family meals, all homemade, no sugar or salt added, just what Guy The healthy Paleo Guy ordered!!!

Love you all!!!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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7 Responses to The ABCs of Gooood Chicken

  1. FMarine says:

    Hi Paleo Guy! Another great post! I just wanted to say that you did good eating the giblets, which consist of the heart, the liver, and the gizzard. If the gizzard wasn’t cleaned, you’ll know: it will still have stones! Chickens eat small stones for the gizzard, where food goes to be pulverized prior to digestion.

    A couple ways to prepare them are to grill them or to dice and add to a stuffing. Just wanted to pass that on!

  2. FMarine says:

    P.S. The thing you were thinking that’s made with corn is called grits, not giblets :)

  3. Paul Jaminet says:

    Guy, you’re making me hungry! Great pictures!

  4. Linda Jones says:

    Don’t tell me that’s really you in the cowboy outfit! OMG,
    EVER! :D

    Great cooking too!

  5. Mae Johns says:

    Please do NOT thaw your chicken on the counter; you’re just asking for food poisoning. Thaw a frozen chicken – in fact, ANY frozen meat, in the refrigerator. It takes longer, but you will be safer. Even if you manage to kill all of the Salmonella or campylobacter in cooking, those bacteria can produce toxins that are not destroyed by heat. And they will make you sick.

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