Exercise Paleo Style Number#2

Exercise Paleo Style Number#2

Because it matters!!! Dang

Saturday 23, october 2010

Ok everyone, this is Paleo Exercise post #2. This one is for you and your family. If you’re like me you love your family! Hey Paleo Guy, don’t get personal on me! Ok, so let’s say even if you’re a family of one, what we are going to talk about is still going to apply! I mean beside nutrition, there are other things to consider if you desire that well being feeling (and also if you do want kids, eventually, like later alligator, in a while crocodile).

Yep, you can listen to Robb Wolf’s or Jimmy’s podcast, knowledge will set you free, but actions does speak louder than words, actions like getting your booty up and moving.

But I’m no Dancing Queen! Ah, come on, life is fun, and Paleo Exercises are fun. I told you already I don’t think that Paleo and Exercise go well together, but PlayTime is a much better expression!

You see, I wasn’t educated in nutrition, (who was?, and who knew better in those days!!!)but I was even less educated in physical fitness. (although in school I had a class in Education Physique … more french for you!) My mom was a great cook, but she was busy with four kids, and my dad, well he was just your typical 50’s dad, work, work, work, so even less sports for him, except on the tube! (Go Habs Go) So no sports at home, and in school, well, that’s another story.

So where’s your PlayTime Paleo Guy?

Well that’s the point, I’m your typical innercity guy with no concept of activities and the great outdoors (which would be parks and backyards in my case). So I am not aware of my body, of moving, jumping, running, of being playfull and feeling alive. So starting my first TNT exercise program I was shy and wary of what my family or friends would think. I hid my exercises… Eventually I found some internet exercise forums and met other people also trying to get going, and got some great feedback! And now I get it!

We are family!

My daughter showed me the way, she wanted to do the exercises with me, and I, as a father, wanted to give her what I didn’t get, PlayTime! So now I’m bringing her home earlier from afterschool, and we do the PlayTime! together:

On week-ends we go play in the park while mom is sleeping! We are both early risers! Good nutrition is the base for a healthy paleo life, and now, thanks to my daughter I see the pleasure of playing together.

So be a guide and inspire others around you, and they will inspire you back! Knowledge is good, PlayTime is even better!!!!

PS: Today it’s the Crossfit Games in Montreal!!!! Now this is what I call PlayTime!!!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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