My personal Eureka moment

My personal Eureka moment

Dec 1, 2010

OK, you guy’s have been patient enough with me, I’ve kept you hanging long enough! I was busy with my latest lecture, but now I’m back.

So, Novembre 21 I had my big revelation, and I’ve been putting it into practice since: No more sugars! That’s it! No more sugars, and particulary fructose. Before you worry about my sanity I’ll mention that fruits are OK, but with some considerations.

There are medical reasons and scientific reasons why sugar is just no good, but my Eureka wasn’t much about that. Reading on the history of sugar, the money, politics and slavery behind it, it dawn on me that sugar was the first major processed food! Sugar is just not a natural product, it is a man made concoction. It litteraly takes a living thing and strips it of all it’s life, its nutriments, resulting in a pure chemical product absent of any sort of life. Since I’ve been weary of processed foods for quite a while, this understanding hit me like a ton of bricks. Sugar is processed food! It is not even a food, it is a chemical.

Sugar is a chemical

Sugar is a chemical

I mean they proudly announce that it is pure, but in this instance it doesn’t mean pure good for you. It just mean it’s a pure chemical, as pure gold, pure talc or pure cocaine…

Chemical composition of the human body by mass
Here is a picture of pure Paleo Guy!!!! If this was so then here is a picture of me, or my wife, or my family or even you. Can you seriously reduce your self to a few chemical elements? A 70 kg man is 43 kg Oxygen, 16 kg Carbon, 7 kg Hydrogen and 1.8 kg  Nitrogen…… (would you still call it Stephen?)

So what about eating then?

Eating means putting food in our mouth so our body can get the nutrients it needs. Most, if not all living organism, fuel themselves with glucose, and build and repair themselves with proteins and fats. This is what we need. Over the millenias our stomach and intestines have develloped proteins, enzymes and hormones to digest those nutrients from our food intake. Our body is therefore in homeostasis with those types of foods, the ones that nature has been providing us with. We basically grew up together. These foods are whole and unprocessed, like us they are not chemicals.

What’s in a whole food, like a fruit or a vegetable for example? Well there’s vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fibers. Some even have fats! And yes I forgot, sugars… Ok, so what’s in sugar then? Well, it’s pure sooo…. sugar! that’s it! nothing else! Our body hasn’t grown to assimilate pure sugar, it’s a man-made creation, a processed food that creates havoc in our body. Our digestive system is built to handle whole balanced foods, simply, slowly and timely, not chemicals.

Sugar, or worse fructose is almost in all processed foods, even in non-foods like cigarettes (up to 20% if not more). I’m sorry but raw, cane, even unprocessed honey is just sugar in your body. Would you give a cigarette or a glass of wine to a 6 year old? No, I guess not, so why give sugar? I know it’s hard to understand, but if you are curious you can read a few books to get the ball rolling and make up your own mind. In the end, shouldn’t you choose what is right over what everybody says? Remember how cigarettes used to be promoted by doctors only 50 years ago! And you know what they say about heart-clogging fats and cholesterol today… (oh, you don’t…sorry)

So here are a few suggestions; first the classic, a very easy and entertaining read:

Sugar Blues by William Dufty

Sweet poison, why sugar makes us fat by David Gillespie

So what now?

Well, only the first days /weeks are hard, sugar is actually addictive and you might go through some withdrawal symptoms, but after it just gets easier.  It really depends on the level of consumption you were having. How do I feel today? Well I drink much less coffee, and actually I found that many little snacks  I used to have were just an excuse to have sugar!!! If I snack now, as actually snaking is waaaaay down, it’s on almond butter, nuts, a piece of chicken or ham. Basically I eat less and have no cravings in between meals, and meals are overall even tastier!

At first I did snack on a few apples, or less frequently babanas. Generally speaking 2 to 3 fruits a day is ok, but even then now I just don’t feel like those kind of foods anymore. I think that when you focus on nutrient dense live food, the rest just leaves you on your appetite. Fruits and stuff are just not to me appealing anymore. I didn’t expect this! I also snack on, brace yourself… garlic. I chop it down finely and slurp it down with a glass of water, as you would do a supplement.

The end result? I feel I’m slowly losing some more weight, those darn ‘love handles’, I no longer have cravings, no up and down of energy, and my day is not subdivided by looking for sugar breaks. Actually I find that I get more things done in a day and that time just flies by. Sugar, it’s just amazing that it is an activity in itself, and without it, you just get more out of life!

  So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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8 Responses to My personal Eureka moment

  1. Stephen says:

    Great post, Guy! It got me to thinking about where all this sugar has come from and how really poisonous it really is! Great revelation. It is a major piece of the puzzle, isn’t it? Most people have no idea how harmful it really is, do they? Bravo! Good job!

  2. Thanks Stephen, yes people just don’t know, and they still won’t know listening to TV, newspapers and all advertising medias. Sugar is sooo big, it’s right up there with pharmaceutical industries!!!
    Knowledge will set you free!

  3. JP says:


    I’m not sure I follow you.

    first, I will state right away that pure sugar (read : white sugar), in my opinion, is not something we should be consuming in large quantities. Well, that is unless you are an endurance athlete… but that’s not the case here : we are talking about average joe.

    Second, technically speaking, sugar cane is as natural as meat. You say that sugar cane is processed because we isolate a part of the cane (sugar) and consume it. Then, if we go by that logic, a T-bone is processed because I had to isolate it from the rest (cut it, pick it, make it get old, etc.). I know it’s an extreme example (sugar is worthless and meat is not) but I think it does illustrate my point well.

    Third, honey is not pure sugar and it’s actually a very useful substance. It has some vitamins, minerals, etc (not as many as other good foods) but that’s not my point here. Unpasteurized and raw honey has been used for thousand of years as an anti-bacterial food and to heal scars. Definitely not worthless.

    In the end, all of this does not really matters though. Consuming excessive sugar is unhealthy due to the impact it has on the body (whenever the insulin can cope with it).
    That means that carbs are alright (at least, IMO) but excessive carbs is not. So now that we know that some carbs is alright to eat, than we might as well make them as nutritious as possible (thus the reason we should ditch the sugar, IMO).

    P.S : I have spent a year in France and it was frequent for me to see young kids (6-10 years old) being given red wine at a dinner by their parents.

  4. Hi JP

    Wow, we need a beer to disagree on….there is no such thing as ‘Pure sugar’, that’s just an advertising lingo to give some sort of quality to sugar. Sugar is a chemical, pure is irrelevant. And the T-bone, man, you have to find a better one!!! I’m not talking about eating a 5 inch piece of sugarcane. Honey? who talked about worthless???, and you’re talking about medicinal properties (I mean take two twinkkies and get some rest???)

    And again I’m not taling about carbs…… I’m talking about this chemical stuff called sugar. Carbs is food, sugar is not. To get ahead I think it is essential to differentiate these two. You wouldn’t say that fat is good, therefore transfat is good…that’s what you’re doing with sugar!!!!

    Carbs Good…Sugar Bad

  5. JP says:


    I refer to pure sugar as a substance that is entirely made of sugar. Just like ”pure” cocaine is cocaine free of additive, ”pure” sugar is free of ”additives”.

    Technically, carbs are not foods. thus, sugar is not food. Food is made up of various nutrients we both know and don’t know. The fact that eating only nutrients (say many vitamins in a pill) does not make you healthy probably means that there is more to foods than nutrients. Any nutrient is technically a chemical. Heck, our body is a complex machine that understand chemical, electrical, and thermic energy.

    So, the point I’m trying to make is this : the problem is not necessarily that sugar – which is a carb- is bad by itself (poisonous). The problems seems that excessive amounts of sugar seems to have a huge impact on our bodies. This is the reason eating a piece of fruit and a tablespoon of white sugar is so different. It’s about context.

    By the way, trans fat seems to be good for us (not the man made crap though). It’s present in various foods naturally…including mother’s milk. More studies are being done though.

  6. Hey JP

    We basically always agree, we just haven’t agreed on our basic semantic use of words..
    Sugar is not Food
    Food is a mixture of carbs/proteins/fats/water and many unknown
    We need Food to function
    I’m concerned about Food
    Sugar is not Food

  7. After publication of our study, a systematic review on the evidence of a causal link between Mediterranean diet and cardiovascular disease found strong evidence for a protective effect of vegetables, nuts and monounsaturated fat on coronary heart
    disease, whereas the evidence for whole grain was moderate and for milk products weak [2]. This review, together with the differences we found between Paleolithic and Mediterranean diet, is further evidence for a specific role of the Paleolithic diet on protection of the heart.

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