Paleo, so far…….

Paleo, so far.

Montréal, March 26 2011

Yep, it’s close to a 6 months now, half a year, can I imagine!!! The transition (read struggle) with my family is almost over. I’ve become a Master Chef, even make whipped cream by hand with a whip! So with such amazing new recipes and colourful food fantasies, our vegan ways starts to feel like a distant bland past.
Another great dish!
Do I miss the what not to eat eat food? No, rarely…bread, pastas, sugars, after a while they are just not interesting foods. Actually compared to meat and vegetables they are not food, they are concoctions, inventions, man-made condiments. And now that I have developped a taste for 35% heavy cream, in my coffee or just as a sip, they have just become boring foods. They offer no depth of experience, they don’t linger on the pallate. They just actually leave you with a feeling of needing more. They are not fullfilling…
Homemade Crettons
This is how I have been eating for the last 6 months, the change was progressive, and I am convinced of the benefits of what I write. I was a vegetarian/vegan for many years, so the desire to make such a dramatic change in my life comes from new knowledge. The nutrition I now put in practice today is based on the new science of nutrition, which exists for hardly 30 years. Generally all that is conveyed by the media and official medicine is not based on science, therefore if you speak about my list with your doctor, they will disagree and stir you away from this healthy way of life.
What you can eat:.
1- All the meats you desire, beef, pork, cretons, liver, patés, poultries, fish, sardines
2- All the eggs that you want
3- All butter that you want, hard cheeses, plain full fat yogurt, 35%cream, but not milk
4- Potatos and other roots, peeled, and white rice, but never whole rice, and not too much 5- All salads and vegetables as much as you want (put the butter on)
6- Avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, salt, pepper, spices and herbs.
7- Nuts, nut butters and flours, but not to much, and not peanuts (they are not nuts)
8- 2 fresh fruits per day, not dried, strawberries/raspberries/blueberries with cream
9- Coffee, tea, herb teas, water according to your thirst.
10- Black Chocolate 75% cocoa, 85% is ideal as a small treat
What you should not eat:
1- No sugars, honey, brown sugar, molasses, maple sirup, coke 7up, fruit juice, none
2- No cereals/flour, no breads, cereals, oatmeal, donuts, wholegrains or not is irrelevant
3- No noodles, spaghetti, ravioli, wholegrains or not is irrelevant (exception noodles of white rice)
4- Absolutely and definitively no ‘vegetable’ oils (the 2 exceptions being olive and coconut oil)
5- Nothing soya: milk, tofu, nothing, and no legumes, beans
6- No Processed Cheese: Cheese Whiz, Velvetta, slices and stuff
7- No Processed Meats: hot dogs, baloney, peperoni, lunch meats
8- No mayonnaises, vinaigrettes, relisch, commercial condiments (sugar +vegetable oils)
9- No fried foods, chips, breadded, if you do eat a hamburger throw the bread.
What is also good to add
1- Coconut oil, I take three large spoonfuls each day, one before each meal
2- Coconut milk (you need to get used to it in the beginning)
3- Vitamin D
There is nothing to weigh or calculate. Every lunchtime I eat bacon with eggs, sometimes with tomatos, ham, cretons (without flour, more difficult to find), peppers, olives, avocado, salad, and a fruit. Mornings I do not eat, I have coffee with coconut milk and/or 35% cream till noon, (you can take a fruit, cheese and nuts if you like) and in the afternoons more coffee with nuts. My evening meal is the larger one. You can have 2 meals per week from the What you should not’ list if you want time to ease the transition.
One last thing, sugars and grains act on the opiated receptors in the brain, you are literealy addicted, and this is no joke. Thus in the beginning expect to have withdrawals symptoms, being hyper, headaches, speed, but it generally does not last more than three days. In the balance you should feel more energetic very quickly.
PS : If you have access to raw grass-fed milk, then you can drink milk. Grass fed meat is better than organic meat which is better than store meat which is better than no meat at all which is better than proccesses meats.
So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

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4 Responses to Paleo, so far…….

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  2. Jo says:

    On sugars, yeah you’re absolutely right. Kind of like why once you pick up a package of oreos, you just can’t seem to stop eating them… paleo rocks! Although i’m not particularly a fan of labels, and in my head i just think of it as whole, natural foods. ;) Which is, indeed what it is.

  3. Yep, except for the grains… I also like the Weston Price Foundation, where grains are allowed, but prepared in traditional ways with lots of fermentation. I basically eat very few grains anyway because I just love full nutrients foods, meats and eggs. As a former vegan I’m even losing my taste for veggies, except salads. Raw crunchy veggies are always appealing!!!
    Thanks for your visit! Paleo Guy

  4. HArold Piuze says:

    A family quest that make me more motivated! Thx Guy! ;-)

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