Down we go! Definitively not the Easter Parade!

Down we go!

Definitively not the Easter Parade!

April 23, 2011

Today, I’m going to show you why you’re going to love your fat! Why your body prefers to ‘waste’ your muscles rather to burn all your fat away (which is why we have now diseased people called skinny fat). You see fat, like cholesterol (which is not a fat), has gotten a really bad rap, a kind of Eminem job…(actually his first 2 albums were great). Fat is not only your friend, it’s your life!

Fat will save your life

Ever heard of the Ketogenic Diet?  The ketogenic diet is a special high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that helps to control seizures in some people with epilepsy. When the body burns fat, it creates substances called ketones, and ketones are the prefered fuel for energy instead of sugar (glucose) from carbohydrates. Fat is energy, fat is life.

The body can, and does, convert fat, proteins and carbohydrates to fuel the body, because without fuel you’re dead within minutes. Can you imagine, within minutes you are a goner, a weenie in a coffin, eating daisies by the roots (I’ll  tell you why in a moment). Your body converts excess proteins and carbs into saturated fats. It cannot store excess proteins, and excess carbs is sugar. Sorry, any carb is sugar. It may look like bread or pasta, coke or juice, whatever, it enters the bloodstream as sugar. Proteins get broken down to amino acids, carbs to sugar, that’s it, that’s all, Hasta Manana.

We all know these donuts carbs high and carbs low, but you don’t get fat highs and fat lows. Why is that??? Because the body is meant to run on Fat Power, not carbs. A bit of carbs the body can handle, don’t worry about it, like real whole foods are fine. Actually when you eat carbs your body freaks out and must use it right away, not because it ‘prefers’ it, but because any excess carbs are toxic, yes toxic (note the word excess). Why do you think it gets converted into fat??? Without getting too technical, mitochondrias burn the blood sugars with oxygen, and there’s the problem!

Love is like Oxygen

Man, these guys look out of shape, granpa power!!! Anyhow, Oxygen, can’t live with it, can’t live without it (7 minutes). Oxygen made it possible to move from unicellular bacteries to multicellular organisms, you and me. Why do you think plants reject oxygen??? They breathe in the CO2, carbon, mix it with H2O, water to create, you guess it, carb0-hydrates! And then they reject the oxygen because…….oxygen is toxic! How do you extenguish a flame? Take away the oxygen and it is instantly gone! Add oxygen, BAM, it starts again. Believe me yet?

Last part. Here’s a few words you’ve heard before: free radicals and anti-oxydants. Well here’s the low down: To burn blood sugars the mitochondrias needs Oxygen. This is why we breathe!!!! Simply! And this is why we die within minutes of not breathing! It’s that simple. But the burning process uses oxygen which creates free radicals, so some people will take some anti-oxydants (anti-oxygen…get it!!!) If you could create the perfect anti-oxydant pill you’d be dead because you’d stop all oxygen reactions in your body! Dah…

Yes it’s that simple, oxygen keeps you alive, and, oxygen kills you! At the same time! Talk about a Faust-ian deal! Now you see why excess carbs is a problem, it means excess oxygen, excess free radicals, excess damage. It also means glycation, where the body, freaking out, combines the excess sugar with proteins, making them inoperable (you know, wrinkles on your face….) The body just wants to get it out…the plants did.

So your body in all it’s survival wisdom converts as much blood sugar as saturated fats as fast as possible. Fat is saving your life. But your body cannot do this fast enough with processed carbs (processed means basically pre-digested), so you end up diabetic, glycated and litteraly burnt-out. The oxygen has burnt you from inside out, you end up crispy chicken.

Down we go

From the Family Show installation in Windsor, 1991

So why do we die only after 7 minutes?  You see, the Faust-ian deal we made to become multi-cellular organism is to use oxygen as a fuel source. And as simple as that sounds, when we go back on our deal, refuse to use oxygen, multi-cellular life is no longer possible and the bacteries take over. We are basically fighting for our multi-cellular self every instant of our existence. We are like the little boy with his finger plugging the hole of the Dutch Dykes. We are Sisyphus pushing our bolder up the hill, let it go and your done!

When someone’s heart stops pumping blood around their body, the tissues and cells are deprived of oxygen and rapidly begin to die. But different cells die at different rates. So, for example, brain cells die within three to seven minutes, while skin cells can be taken from a dead body for up to 24 hours after death and still grow normally in a laboratory culture.

From this point on, nature is very efficient at breaking down human corpses. However, the exact rate of decomposition depends to some extent on environmental conditions. Decomposition in the air (Oxygen again, get it?) is twice as fast as when the body is under water and four times as fast as underground.

The intestines are packed with billions of micro-organisms that don’t die with the person. These organisms start to break down the dead cells of the intestines, while some, especially bacteria called clostridia and coliforms, start to invade other parts of the body. At the same time the body undergoes its own intrinsic breakdown under the action of enzymes and other chemicals which have been released by the dead cells. The pancreas, for example, is usually packed with digestive enzymes, and so rapidly digests itself
The decomposing tissues release green substances and gas, which make the skin green/blue and blistered, starting on the abdomen. The front of the body swells, the tongue may protrude, and fluid from the lungs oozes out of the mouth and nostrils.

This unpleasant sight is added to by a terrible smell as gases such as hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell), methane and traces of mercaptans are released. This stage is reached in temperate countries after about four to six days, much faster in the tropics and slower in cold or dry conditions. A corpse left above ground is then rapidly broken down by insects and animals, including bluebottles and carrion fly maggots, followed by beetles, ants and wasps. In the tropics, a corpse can become a moving mass of maggots within 24 hours. If there are no animals to destroy the body, hair, nails and teeth become detached within a few weeks, and after a month or so the tissues become liquefied and the main body cavities burst open.

Within a year all that is usually left is the skeleton and teeth, with traces of the tissues on them – it takes 40 to 50 years for the bones to become dry and brittle in a coffin. In soil of neutral acidity, bones may last for hundreds of years, while acid peaty soil gradually dissolves the bones.

Food for though

So you get the point. Every moment of your life your multi-cellular self is fighting against the natural unicellular bacterial forces of nature. When we stop breathing we don’t ‘die’, we just let the bacteries do their job. Bacteries take over and feast on our body because we are no longer a multi-cellular offensive force. We don’t die, we just revert to our un-oxygen state.

Love your fats, because every instant it is saving your life!!! From yourself if you’re still loading up with process carbs, and from the gazillion of bacteries who are just waiting for a a good lunch, Easter or not!

Love you all, to bits!!!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

About Guy Giard Core Purpose Consultant

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9 Responses to Down we go! Definitively not the Easter Parade!

  1. Thanks for posting this.
    Ketogenic Diet… isn’t this the Atkins Diet? A diet where you are permitted to eat fat, but not carbs. Also, have you read about the cellular biologist Bruce Lipton PhD? He has carried out some great research about the relationship between our thoughts and the regeneration of our cells.

    • Yes I know of Lipton’s work, epigenetics are starting to become mainstream, excellent!!! And yes Ketogenic/Atkins are relatives of each other, basically avoid all grains and your already 90% there, the rest is about starch and sugar sensitivity…that’s more individual and has to do with past nutritional abuse…. luckily most of it can be healed, but if the pancreas is exhausted there isn’t much to do except to be extra careful for any carbs or starch… Thanks!!

  2. Alex Herrera says:

    I love you, guythehealthypaleoguy. Do you think it would be “all right” to break an 18-21 day water fast with just one or two eggs the first day, and nothing more? I’m going for extreme ketosis weight loss mode here, and I want to live my life without sugar as much as possible. (constant ketosis)…

    if possible, I would like to chat more in depth about the paleolithic diet and etc. I LOVE your blog and what you are doing here. Kindly,

    Alex Herrera –

    • Hello Alex, there is so many ways to break a fast I wouldn’t worry about it. You’ll see that you will have very little appetite. Usually I ended eating a spoonful of stuff the first hours and after 24 hours a near full appetite return.

      What I,ve learned is that the mind is a bad teacher but the body knows better.

      The thing about sugar is that it is addictive. My wife still can’t augment her fat intake as she craves sugars, meanwhile I eat more and more fat and have no taste for sugars, even fruits. The way I eat now is meat and colors, any vegetable, and coconut oil / fish oil. I do eat chocolate sparingly as a treat, but only dark good quality stuff. I’ve lost interest in all bread/flour stuff, and even if sometime I’m tempted by a patisserie it gets to be such an unfullfilling let-down taste experience. My treats now are special cheeses, pate and nuts. I stay away from easy starch such as potatoes or rice, I just prefer real food, vegetables. Avocados and olives are the best! I should write a new post soon about how paleo is going but for sure after years of vegan/vegetarian I would never go back… Read Wheat Belly if you haven’t done it yet.

      Now to get back to you original question, personnaly I would break a fast with organic kefir / yogurt cause I do beleive that health is all about healthy gut bacteria. I would never break it with fruits like watermelon like I did years ago. Last word, don’t make eaqting a religion, if so do sin here and there. I don’t practice any kind of rule, but the concept of 80% 20% makes sense to me, I’m more 90% 10%. A healthy body will take care of the ‘unhealthy’ stuff you put in once in a while… still for me that ends up being some potatoes or rice or a pastry..the rest just don’t interest me. Last word of advice, if you do want to exercise, than High Intensity Interval Training is the way to go…1/2hour per week is all you need.
      All the best Guythehealthypaleoguy ;-))

      • Alex Herrera says:

        Ok, sounds great! I really appreciate your help and your feedback. Low carbing seems dangerous to me…no carbing is the way to go :) A sugarless diet has so many profound medical effects, it has been found to lessen or even reverse disorders such as bipolar, autism, even alzhiemer’s!

        In order to get my naturally kind of slow / card sensitive metabolism (not sure whether I’m just slow meta or carb sensitive), how many eggs a day should I do when I break my fast (after yogurt)? Also which yogurt from Vons or Safeway? I don’t have that much money so I will be eating mainly eggs…for weeks…I know it’s very un paleolithic… :'(

  3. Just no grains whatsoever and avoid potatoes and rice. Eggs? as much and as long as you feel they taste good…you might go egg crazy for 2 weeks and then lose taste for them, it just means your body has loaded up on what it needed. Yogourt? well the one with most fat and the least ingredients, organic the better, if not try to find non-cow, as in goat or other 4 legged creature (avoid soy like the plague). Goat cheese is excellent, nuts in shell like walnuts. And do get some omega 3 fish oil somehow, not flax seed stuff. And thinking too much heigthens your stress and cortisol, so relax!!!!!!!! thinking too much about nutrition might be more harmfull than a few average food… and water, water, water…I know after a water fast how this sounds but that is essential. Success!!!! Guy

    • Alex Herrera says:

      Been drinking 2 liters a day. So far this is day 4 and I’ve dropped from 210.5 to 198. Is salmon oil alright?

  4. I’m no fish oil expert, I think any will do… the source is more important, wild fish for example, do some research in google with the brand your thinking of…. I drank distilled water

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