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Don’t lose weight! Get healthy! Part 1


New Year’s resolutions

YES! You got the right idea! That extra weight  you are carrying is just not appealing to you or your partner anymore . That special party dress, or your favorite 3 piece suit just doesn’t fit anymore. Where have those slender years and curvy bodies gone? Trust me, I know the feeling! I’ve been there before…

Time to make a change

I used to be overweight, carrying an extra 50 pounds wherever I went. I was out of breath most of the time and had develop sleep apnea. Luckily I succeeded in giving up smoking many years ago, but now I was on my way to diabetes and other serious health issues.

From 2003 at 230 pounds to 2010 at 165 pounds!From 2003 at 230 pounds to 2010 at 165 pounds!

It goes without saying that I felt I was going from a bad situation to worse and it was now time to make a change. So I did!!! and I’m happy to share my transformation tools with you!

Here comes 2016!

That was then in 2010, and today in 2016 I’ve been able to keep most of the extra weight off! An amazing success story!  I have to admit that some kilos have crept back, but today I have the great advantage of knowing exactly why this is happening, and how to get to my healthy self again! 

This is exactly what I wish to give you in this first and the upcoming posts that will lead you into the beautiful, slender and healthy person you deserve to be. So join me in this journey of you as I’ll give you guidance, information and action steps to transform your life. And to go even further you can get introduced to my ‘7 Steps To Loving Your LIFE’ program on these pages and on the 7 steps website here

So relax, have fun and let’s get started with Part 1

Part 1 : Let’s get to know each other!

The first step is all about getting to know each other, and in this case getting to know ‘you’. When we start on a journey we have to start from somewhere to get somewhere. It is no different in this wonderful transformation journey.

Action Step #1: Buy yourself a journal

This journal is your most precious friend, your confident and your personal helper. I remember years ago as I was leaving for a 3 month trip to Europe my sister gave me a journal to write down my adventures and experiences. Thirty years later I enjoy rediscovering the challenges and joy of new sights and friendships I had forgotten. I do understand we now live in the digital age, but I suggest getting a ‘hard copy’ journal for reasons I’ll detail later.


Action Step #2: Take a photo

Yes I know the dreaded photo! Now you don’t have to be as explicit as I was, bathing suit and all, but a before and after shots are a great way not only to celebrate your progress, but to serve as a reminder of where you have been and what you have achieved. Keep it secret, or show it to a few friends who can become your accountability buddies. That’s up to you!

Action Step #3: Start writing

Your journal becomes your new best friend, and he’s (she’s) going to help getting a snapshot of your present feelings and eating habits. In my 7 steps program I call this acknowledging where you are today by doing a first inventory of your present life.

What to write? you can start  with why you feel you are overweight, and what are your motivations to start to change? Also note down what you are eating and at what time of day. Specifics such as portion size are not necessary at this point, so don’t worry about it. Your feelings and habits are our starting tools. No need to get in too deep, but if you feel like it you can always write on other subjects then I suggested. As with your photo your journal is only meant for you, no need to share it around. Most importantly this is a non-evaluative judgmental journal. We are just here to get know and appreciate each other!

Get ready!

Congratulation, you are now on your way to greater health and happiness, as well as a renewed sexiness! The sky is the limit!

So I hear some of you saying: ‘Wait! where’s the Diet, the exercises, the do’s and the don’ts of any slimming program? Shouldn’t we have to suffer from privation or ache all over or something?’ Well not really! I’m sure you are all referring to the ‘no pain, no gain’mentality; and understandably so. These privation and grunts offers a painful temporary solution to a long term situation, which is why 95% of diets fail. Short term, yes, you can make yourself suffer to affect some changes, but in the long term these methods generally fails.


‘But I didn’t even get to weigh myself!’ Oh, you noticed that too! Fine, you can do that to if you wish, but it is not necessary. Numbers on a scale, as well as body mass index won’t give you the benefits of a healthy and happy life. How you do feel inside, your levels of energy you show and the positive outlook you will be gaining, this is what really matters. What you wish for is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

In Part 2 we will look into the Emotional Value as well as the Nutritional Value of the foods you are choosing everyday. Your journal will show both of us why you are in your present situation, and where we can start to make some changes.

So to recap, here are my 3 Action Steps for Part 1:

Action Step #1: Buy yourself a journal

Action Step #2: Take a photo

Action Step #3: Start writing

Thank you!

Thank you for taking part in this journey together. Remember to subscribe to this blog to be up to date, and to the Facebook pages to get the most current information.

Love you all!

Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy


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