Paleo, so far…….

Paleo, so far.

Montréal, March 26 2011

Yep, it’s close to a 6 months now, half a year, can I imagine!!! The transition (read struggle) with my family is almost over. I’ve become a Master Chef, even make whipped cream by hand with a whip! So with such amazing new recipes and colourful food fantasies, our vegan ways starts to feel like a distant bland past.
Another great dish!
Do I miss the what not to eat eat food? No, rarely…bread, pastas, sugars, after a while they are just not interesting foods. Actually compared to meat and vegetables they are not food, they are concoctions, inventions, man-made condiments. And now that I have developped a taste for 35% heavy cream, in my coffee or just as a sip, they have just become boring foods. They offer no depth of experience, they don’t linger on the pallate. They just actually leave you with a feeling of needing more. They are not fullfilling…
Homemade Crettons
This is how I have been eating for the last 6 months, the change was progressive, and I am convinced of the benefits of what I write. I was a vegetarian/vegan for many years, so the desire to make such a dramatic change in my life comes from new knowledge. The nutrition I now put in practice today is based on the new science of nutrition, which exists for hardly 30 years. Generally all that is conveyed by the media and official medicine is not based on science, therefore if you speak about my list with your doctor, they will disagree and stir you away from this healthy way of life.
What you can eat:.
1- All the meats you desire, beef, pork, cretons, liver, patés, poultries, fish, sardines
2- All the eggs that you want
3- All butter that you want, hard cheeses, plain full fat yogurt, 35%cream, but not milk
4- Potatos and other roots, peeled, and white rice, but never whole rice, and not too much 5- All salads and vegetables as much as you want (put the butter on)
6- Avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, salt, pepper, spices and herbs.
7- Nuts, nut butters and flours, but not to much, and not peanuts (they are not nuts)
8- 2 fresh fruits per day, not dried, strawberries/raspberries/blueberries with cream
9- Coffee, tea, herb teas, water according to your thirst.
10- Black Chocolate 75% cocoa, 85% is ideal as a small treat
What you should not eat:
1- No sugars, honey, brown sugar, molasses, maple sirup, coke 7up, fruit juice, none
2- No cereals/flour, no breads, cereals, oatmeal, donuts, wholegrains or not is irrelevant
3- No noodles, spaghetti, ravioli, wholegrains or not is irrelevant (exception noodles of white rice)
4- Absolutely and definitively no ‘vegetable’ oils (the 2 exceptions being olive and coconut oil)
5- Nothing soya: milk, tofu, nothing, and no legumes, beans
6- No Processed Cheese: Cheese Whiz, Velvetta, slices and stuff
7- No Processed Meats: hot dogs, baloney, peperoni, lunch meats
8- No mayonnaises, vinaigrettes, relisch, commercial condiments (sugar +vegetable oils)
9- No fried foods, chips, breadded, if you do eat a hamburger throw the bread.
What is also good to add
1- Coconut oil, I take three large spoonfuls each day, one before each meal
2- Coconut milk (you need to get used to it in the beginning)
3- Vitamin D
There is nothing to weigh or calculate. Every lunchtime I eat bacon with eggs, sometimes with tomatos, ham, cretons (without flour, more difficult to find), peppers, olives, avocado, salad, and a fruit. Mornings I do not eat, I have coffee with coconut milk and/or 35% cream till noon, (you can take a fruit, cheese and nuts if you like) and in the afternoons more coffee with nuts. My evening meal is the larger one. You can have 2 meals per week from the What you should not’ list if you want time to ease the transition.
One last thing, sugars and grains act on the opiated receptors in the brain, you are literealy addicted, and this is no joke. Thus in the beginning expect to have withdrawals symptoms, being hyper, headaches, speed, but it generally does not last more than three days. In the balance you should feel more energetic very quickly.
PS : If you have access to raw grass-fed milk, then you can drink milk. Grass fed meat is better than organic meat which is better than store meat which is better than no meat at all which is better than proccesses meats.
So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy
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Nitty Gritty Existentialism

Nitty Gritty Existentialism

Montréal, March 26, 2011

Why, why oh why?

One of the first conflicts on I had going on Paleo, after dealing with giving up bread, was with Christians. It could have been with Muslims or Jews, the faith itself is irrelevant. Being a white french québecois I was born and raised a catholic, this is just a fact of life, again irrelevant. But somehow, or actually understandbly Paleo nutrition goes against the grain of believers, and some see it as a personal attack against their faith.

Daddy, why is the sky blue?

Well, that’s exactly the point, why? Why is the earth round? Why is there day and night? Why? Why? Why? Such innocent questions from children that often we brush away with a scientific or a godly answer. But this doesn’t get us any closer to the real question at hand, until you hit Paleo. You see Paleo has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with science. It has nothing to do with faith or believing, and everything to do with facts (at least the ones they are able to back up). The field of nutrition is actually filled with beliefs! Say for example that: you don’t believe in cholesterol as the cause of heart disease! you are there and then accused of heresy for not believing in it. Since when is nutrition based on beliefs??? All I want is the best possible health for this body, not a belief system!

My body, your body, everybody has some body.

This is where it starts and then it cascades on and on and on. You have a body, your body comes from the fusion of one sperm and one egg, and you were in gestation for 9 months in the body of a caretaker you call mother, and she was born from one sperm and one egg, and so was her mother, and so on and on. How far down are you willing to go? Now the believers don’t have so much of a problem with this, they just call it the miracle of life and change the subject, unless you bring up Darwin. You see, Paleo is based on the concept of evolution, that we evolved as any other species, that we developed a niche and became so succesfull we litteraly ate our competition. So far so good, but as a species we came from some unicellular organism about 4 billion years ago on this planet. Yes we are on a planet in the middle of space just hanging out (actually falling at thousands of mph). So from archeology Paleo brings you to cosmology. (in between there is chemistry and physics somewhere).

To be or not to be?

To bed or not to bed? that’s the title of an art installation I exhibited 20 years ago (how time flies). So we live on a planet around an average sun which is dying, and eventually in it’s death throws it’s going to engulf the earth, burn the whole darn thing away to a cinder, before finally imploding into a neutron star. Most scientist concur that we’ll have moved to the suburbs by then. So eventually you’ll reach the Big Bang or the Big Freeze, quantum multiverses and dimensions… The sort of stuff that doesn’t help you commute to work, but kind of gives you an idea of what beingness is all about. Yep, Paleo does have more to do with the substance of reality than subsistance with real food.

Am I going to die?

Of course I am, so are you! Isn’t funny that religions always have stories about where we go after death, but no stories about where we were before we became flesh and blood? I’d love to hear stories about pre-heaven and pre-hell, a kind of prequel to your soul. Were you bad or good even before you were born? But they don’t preach that kind of stuff. So yes you do die, and like the buddhist say, don’t worry about it, you will succeed doing it! Anyway, food for thought here, if you’re so worried about what happens after your death, why aren’t you worried about what happened before your life? Whence you came from? And that’s the issue with Paleo: once you do agree that you did evolve from an unicellular organism, and that your home was created 4,5 billion years ago out of the radioactive waste products of supernovas, then you know you live the same way you die, nothing more nothing less.

Barmaid! Fill my friend’s glass!

I lost a few friends because of my Paleo ways. I wasn’t preaching my ways, but just my beingness was too challenging to their beliefs. I always appreciated Plato’s metaphor of the Cave, where one man turned around and saw that the shadows on the wall were just projections form another reality. Eating Paleo is turning around and admiting that I am but a projection of evolution, that I was born from nowhere, and that my existence will leave no trace whatsoever, either once I’m dead, or when the next ice age, earthquake, solar flare, meteorite (whatever event that first brought evolution into motion or extinction), or the sun’s expansion takes place. Now this is what I call Nitty Gritty Existentialism.


No I won’ t leave you hanging like this, but neither can I give you an answer, I am neither a believer nor a religious leader. I can share with you how I’m taking care of business, and you can tell me how you are doing yourself. Personally, after these first 6 months of a Paleo way of viewing things, I feel I’ve got a good idea where diseases comes from and how to eat to promote a better and sustained health (my recent posts). I’m still exploring eating patterns and Intermittent Fasting (IF), also with a few supplements such as D3 and K2, and I’ve stopped with exercises (but got my bycicle out) until I read more on it’s effects.(this field is also filled with loads of beliefs!) I feel I’ve reached my goal weight and health, so will stop obsessing about it, and I’m definitively giving up these muscleman/ribbed images, I’m interested in health, not the mirror effect.


So let’s just that during my first 50 years of life I was obsessing with belief systems from outside my self. I was acting according to society’s beliefs, looking for recognition, acknowledgment, having to prove myself through my accomplishments. Today I’m in love with my wife, my daughter, my family and friends, and the rest, well the rest is as the sky is blue. The rest simply is.

I am here, now, and these are the best of times.

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

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Why we get fat, still.

Why we get fat, still ?

Montréal, March 15th 2011

Why we get fat? That’s the title of Gary Taubes’s recent book, as well as Good Calories Bad Calories. The title is provocative, it has to be catchy because publishing is a business, but it confuses the issue, which in the end is not helpfull to anyone. It actually goes against his argument because with such a title you might just feel that it’s your fault, again…

Why do some of us get fat? now that’s much better and scientifically exact. With such a title he wouldn’t have had such a hard time with Dr.Oz. Because that’s the point, a one size fits all argument will always be easily disqualified. Same thing with his catch phrase: ‘We don’t get fat because we eat too much, we eat to much because we are getting fat’ is not technically wrong, but it actually just obscures the issue that he wants to clear up. I mean Coke is the real thing,  yes…  but the real what??????

Different bodies

That’s the point we most forget to mention, everyone’s body will react differently to the nutrients absorbed. Some of us are tall, others not, some strong boned, others svelte… In any gym, on the same food, some will devellop large muscles, and others not, and it’s not a question of willpower or endurance, of doing more, bigger or longer, it just is. When you see Mister Muscle selling his method, it’s the same as if he’d say ‘I’m 6 feet 2 inches, do this workout and you’ll be as tall as I am’. Those who understand this do not try to sell you their method, they will promote a healthy lifetsyle with a healthy body.

So why do we get fat then?

We don’t get fat, we must forget this whole concept. The question is more ‘Why does my body prefer to store nutrients instead of putting them to work? Our body can store enormous amounts of fat, some proteins (the extras are converted into fat) and even less carbs/sugar (again the extras are transformed into fat). This is just basic biochemistry and nothing is new here.

When we grow up we need nutrients to build our body, when we get pregnant we need nutrients to feed and build a baby. The foods we eat are used right away. Also I don’t grow my body, I don’t grow my baby, I don’t grow my hair or my nails, it’s an autonomous process mediated by hormones. No willpower, guilt or responsability involved here (but if you drink alcool or do drugs you are interfering with the process). Your  hormones  are the ones responsible for  when ( puberty / menaupose… ) and where ( love handles / honeybuns… ) and how much of what gets used or stored.

Calories don’t count!

There’s another catch phrase, sells well and is easy to repeat, and the rebutal you get is always the same…Haha! You can’t violate the laws of thermodynamics you fool!!!! You see, catch phrases like that just obscure the issue, you never get anywhere and are just disqualified.

Every iota, every electron and neutron counts and is accounted for, but these are just the building blocks. The question is are you going to use them to build your home or to heat your home? How much of your hard earned salary are you going to use to pay your mortgage and how much do you spend on groceries? Calories don’t decide by themselves, calories don’t ‘count‘ in the decision process. If your roof has a major leak, you will take some money and put it into repair work. If it’s mid-winter and extremely cold you will put your money into heating your home. Your body does the exact same thing, it decides with the help of hormones what goes where, which I will call nutrient budgeting (as opposed to fuel partitioning, just because of the word ‘fuel’)

We live on a tight, precise budget

Nutrients in, nutrients budgeted is less catchy but gets us much closer to our present storage problem. Every nutrient you eat is accounted for, but how will it be budgeted? That is the real question. Is your body more of an Ebenezer Scrooge or a Playboy High Roller? What will you do if you win the lottery? Invest or splurge? Are your nutrients going to be stored for later use or distributed evenly so that they can be put to work right now?  Who do you think decides? I’m sorry to say but it’s not you, it’s your body.

Yes, it’s that simple, you are not in charge of the budgeting, you are not in charge of the balance sheet. Are you relieved or annoyed by this? And here’s is the killer, no amount of dieting, fasting, calorie restriction, exercising will change your balance sheet in the long run!

Of course for a while you can count calories or jog, and yes you can repair the roof with a plank of wood, but it won’t last because the hole is still there underneath, or you can burn your furniture to heat your home (biggest loser style), but again in the long run you’ll need to buy new furniture, and the old balance sheet will prevail above else. Only a lifestyle change will reassess and create a new budget sheet, and this is what we are aiming for.

The Balance Sheet

‘We don’t get fat because we eat too much, we eat to much because we are getting fat’. No no no.  We get ‘fat’ because  our  hormones stores  too much  of the  incoming nutrients, which leaves us always hungry for fuel for our body. The more we eat, the more we store; the more we store, the less fuel is available so the more we need to eat. It is a vicious circle.

The only other way to balance our bottom line on this nutrient budgeting is to bring down our energy levels. So we don’t get fat because we move less, we have to move less because a major part of our fuel is unavailble. It is stored away. We only have a limited amount of energy budgeted to just keep us going, with no excess, so we have to slow down to conserve energy.

The bottom line

#1 – You have no control over your body type
#2 – You have no control over your growth
#3 – You have no control over the budgeting of your nutrients

So can we do something about it?

YES !  Can I be more sure and positive about it than this simple answer YES! You have no control over your body type, your growth nor your balance sheet, but you do have control about which nutrients you will feed your body, and therein lies the answer.

Again a temporary change will only give a temporary different result, and a permanent change will give long lasting permanent results. So before I give you the easy solution and food selection wich will reset your balance sheet to budget your nutrients according to your needs, you need to understand this: You don’t get fat because you eat too much, and you don’t get fat because you are lazy, these are hurtfull lies. You are overweight, hungry and tired because of the way your body (not you) budgets the incoming nutrients.

Repeat it like a Mantra until you really feel it!:

You are overweight, hungry and tired because of the way your body (not you) budgets the incoming nutrients.

You have control over your nutrients, not to what happens to them once they are in your digestive system, your balance sheet takes care of that aspect of the equation. So how do you reset your balance sheet? Well that’s quite easy, and will be the subject of another posting…

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

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The Major cause of Obesity

The Major cause of Obesity

January 11, 2011

Wow, with a title like this you’d expect a revelation of some sorts, a one all mother of all answers!!! Well in a way you might get one, or not, because you already know the answer.


That’s it, one word. You can read all the books, see all the documentaries and lectures, even have the best of friends in the world with the best advice or knowledge, if you don’t have a goal, you’re done.

You might try to eat Vegan, Vegetarian, Low-Carb, Paleo, Zone or what not, you won’t stick to it unless you have a goal that inspires you as each day you will be challenged by media, family and even friends. You can’t even do your groceries in peace, take the metro or enter a conveniance store without being assaulted by chocolate bars, muffins or slushies.

What’s in a goal?

A goal is a raison d’être (had to put some french in here) that gives meaning to your actions. As they say you can go through the motion without having any belief in what you are doing (Do as I say, not as I do!). But a goal is an inspiration, something to exist in the present moment. For example my raison d’être is to be healthy, not to lose weight! I pass up the bread and the cookies because of my goal, not because they are unhealthy or fattening.

Give up Willpower!

Willpower is the perfect example of Do as I say, not as I do! You keep telling yourself don’t do this, don’t do that, but your being keeps wanting to do otherwise. This is normal and to be expected because you haven’t consciously set your goal. You’re splitted apart down the middle, and you are not respecting yourself. What’s to do but to defy this overbearing Willpower, to revolt and have that cookie, and some more…


Want it or not, you always get results, and those results are the sum of your goals. When I decided to stop smoking years ago, I didn’t stop because it was bad. I stopped because I wanted to be healthy. When I started to eat vegan I wanted healthy foods, and today it is not a contradiction to eat Paleo style because my goal is just the same: health.

As my 50th birthday was coming, I decided that I wanted to give myself health as a gift, it became my purposeful goal, my consciously aware goal. From then on I’ve made many lifechanging decisions. Not because somebody told me, not because I had to, but because I wanted to, it became MY goal. I didn’t Willed myself to health, I started to be healthy in the here and now, and the rest, as they say, became history.

So how do I do it?

First of all give up Willpower. Second, wherever you are right now, whatever you are living and experiencing right now are the results of your past goal, albeit unconscious, but still the result of your old goal. Third decide what YOU want now, today, be precise and specific. Fourth, live your goal. That’s it.

My personal goal is to be healthy, which means to live a long life using my body, my muscles, my organs and my brain. My aim is to play with my granchildren. So in the here and now I chose the best foods for this goal. Is whatever I’m putting in my mouth right now bringing me closer to my goal? Is it promoting better health or the reverse, enhindering my health?

There you go, a goal is always positive, not something you don’t want, but something you want,  something you desire and you can pratice right away, in the present moment. The long term effect I can only project according to the research I follow, but everyday the effects I can measure by being aware of my body: What’s my level of energy? How is my heart beating? Do I feel warm or cold? Relaxed or tensed? What is the regularity and quality of my stools?

If you do have issues with your weight, then your goal is simply not your health, whatever you might be telling yourself. Most likely it has to do with pleasure or pleasing, yourself or others. Yes it is that simple, just listen to yourself and you will find out what your goals are!

A goal can only manifest itself in the here and now, so choose your goal consciously, and obesity will be something of the past!

So until next, Love you all     GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

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The Labor Pains of Nutrition

The Labor Pains of Nutrition

December 4th, 2010

Shut up!

Why would something so simple as nutrition lead to such controversy and struggle? Should the Old Saying become: Don’t Discuss Religion or Politics or Nutrition? Mention coffee, organic, artificial sweeteners or High fructose Corn Syrup and your bound to have an argument. Vegan, vegetarians, lacto-ovos, gluten intolerance, Paleo and God forgive diabetics, why is it all such a volatile issue?

You’re not fat, you’re just (…..fill in the blank …..)

Ah, come on Paleo Guy, you’re a bummer this morning! No, no you are not fat, this is irrelevant, but you see what I mean? As soon as we start to talk about food the first thing that comes up is self-image/self worth. Food gets personal in your face, and it shouldn’t be!!!! It’s about health and having a long productive pain free life to see our children and children’s children blossom. Fat is not fat anyway, it is only stored energy.

Fat is only stored energy.

Yep, it’s that simple. You are not fat, you are just storing energy, but this is not the subject of this posting, we are going to talk about labor pains. Christmas is coming and family reunions will abound, better be ready we don’t want it to be nasty (Stephen put down that gravy!).

Thank God for Cellulose!!! (not cellulite)

Yes, thank God for cellulose! You see Cellulose is a form of sugar, or carbohydrate if you prefer, that we can’t digest. Trees are made up of cellulose! I think these beautifull pillars of life would all be gone by now if humans could have eaten them! Our planet would be bare of all trees as Telly Savalas iconic shiny “Who loves ya’, baby? head is bare of hair.

You see Modern Man has been stuffing himself with basically anything and everything he can gets his hands on and that fits in his mouth!  Doesn’t mean it’s good for him, and that’s the point of this post. How do you know what to put in your mouth or not???

It’s the Egyptian’s fault!

No it’s not, all they did is build pyramids (actually it’s the slaves who did the work, as in the sugar trade…Hmmm…something in common here…) Anyway there is this thing now called a food pyramid, but where does it come from? Where does government recommendations stems from? Again this is not the subject of this post, but part of the reflection on the birth of nutrition. Suffice to say that for thousands of years the driving force behind agriculture was economics, not public health. Historically Empires and Kingdoms were borne out of the accumulation of wealth resulting from agriculture and the domestication of animals. It makes for a fascinating read as some authors have written the history of different foods and how they shaped the world we live in. This website is going to give you a vertigo sense of foods:

Here comes Galileo Galilei

Well not really, our story starts a few centuries later, in 1863, with the publication of a booklet called Letter on Corpulence, Addressed to the Public. When you are publicly denounced and vilified, like Galilei was in his days, you know that William Banting was on to something. You can download it and read it for yourself here: Cool Gotta love history and the Internet!! And here it is in it’s original format: Cool Cool Gotta really love history and the Internet!!

You can also find a short history of what I call the gestation period of nutrition here:

Another stepping stone of major importance is Weston Price. In 1939 he published Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, a book that details a series of ethnographic nutritional studies performed by him across diverse cultures. In the book he claimed that various diseases endemic to Western cultures of the 1920s and 30s – from dental caries to tuberculosis – were rarely present in non-Western cultures. He argued that as non-Western groups abandoned indigenous diets and adopted Western patterns of living they also showed increases in typically Western diseases, and concluded that Western methods of commercially preparing and storing foods stripped away vitamins and minerals necessary to prevent these diseases.

Snap, Crackle and Pop

In 1944, Crick and Watson anounced to the world the discovery of the DNA. Slap that baby, this is when the science of nutrition was born.


Many scientists were on track studying nutrition, but one stands out as he dared publish along his scientific research two books for the lay public, as Banting did, and so was vilified for it. HeIs name is John Yudkin and the books are: ”The slimming business” and ”Pure, white and deadly” (UK), ”Sweet and dangerous” (US).

Monsanto and al.

Do you know the history of the United Fruit Company? You’ve heard of Monsanto most likely, and of Genetically Modified Organism. How about Import taxes, Protectionism and Free trade? How about Agriculture Programs imposed by the World Bank? Factory farming for the animals and Sugarcane workers conditions? Pesticides, Antibiotics and growth hormones? How about governement subsidies? Each of these, and other economical forces have been at the base for the make-up of our much criticized food pyramid.

Personaly I wouldn’t blame any of these above for the state of our health today, they are there to make money, it’s simply called capitalism. When I started to eat Vegan (I didn’t become ”A Vegan”, that’s another labelling problem) I basically rejected all of these. So you see, we are yet to eat according to the findings from the science of nutrition. In 2010 we are still SADly (Standard American Diet) eating for the benefits of the above cited, and their shareholders.

From Vegan to Raw Meat

Everyone was taken aback when I started to eat meat again, and the raw meat, you should have seen the looks in their eyes!! What happened? How could I do this? Is this yet another crazy phase? Well what happened was that some of the new knowledge from the science of nutrition became the basis for my eating habits, as opposed to economics. The science of nutrition is still very young, but it is science, and could only have taken shape  in the last decades. Discoveries are still made today on an ongoing basis.

So even though I moved away from veganism towards a more Paleo approach, I still rejected the conventional SAD food pyramid. In a way my nutrition hasn’t changed, just the category of foods I choose from have changed. My main interest is still the health of my family.

Up, up and away!

So where are we today? Well, those of you who are parents remember well when children turns into preteens, it’s magical and confusing, beautifull and scary at the same time. And then nostalgia sets in, how they used to be soooo nice and quaint and how you wish they would never change…  Well that’s exactly where we are today.

The old ways, the old foods are soooo recomforting, soooo non-threatening, and the new ideas, well, they are new, tentative, wonderfull and scary. Eating as a hunter-gatherer sounds poetic, but giving up grains, come on, we’ve been eating them for centuries!!! How can I give up my comfort food!!! Atkins, Zone, Low-Carb, Paleo and, it’s all new, and only time will tell which of them, if any, will bring us closer to our full potential as human beings.

So do I apply a Vegan approach? or a Paleo approach? Honestly I don’t care, I’ve chosen the scientific approach… What will little Jimmy be when he grows up? An Astronaut? A Firefighter? A Politician? An Activist? How about an Artist? Maybe little Jane will become a superhero like Mega Mindy? Who knows? We just love them!


 So stick around folks, and follow our families great adventures in nutrition on Guy the Healthy Paleo Guy Blog!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

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My personal Eureka moment

My personal Eureka moment

Dec 1, 2010

OK, you guy’s have been patient enough with me, I’ve kept you hanging long enough! I was busy with my latest lecture, but now I’m back.

So, Novembre 21 I had my big revelation, and I’ve been putting it into practice since: No more sugars! That’s it! No more sugars, and particulary fructose. Before you worry about my sanity I’ll mention that fruits are OK, but with some considerations.

There are medical reasons and scientific reasons why sugar is just no good, but my Eureka wasn’t much about that. Reading on the history of sugar, the money, politics and slavery behind it, it dawn on me that sugar was the first major processed food! Sugar is just not a natural product, it is a man made concoction. It litteraly takes a living thing and strips it of all it’s life, its nutriments, resulting in a pure chemical product absent of any sort of life. Since I’ve been weary of processed foods for quite a while, this understanding hit me like a ton of bricks. Sugar is processed food! It is not even a food, it is a chemical.

Sugar is a chemical

Sugar is a chemical

I mean they proudly announce that it is pure, but in this instance it doesn’t mean pure good for you. It just mean it’s a pure chemical, as pure gold, pure talc or pure cocaine…

Chemical composition of the human body by mass
Here is a picture of pure Paleo Guy!!!! If this was so then here is a picture of me, or my wife, or my family or even you. Can you seriously reduce your self to a few chemical elements? A 70 kg man is 43 kg Oxygen, 16 kg Carbon, 7 kg Hydrogen and 1.8 kg  Nitrogen…… (would you still call it Stephen?)

So what about eating then?

Eating means putting food in our mouth so our body can get the nutrients it needs. Most, if not all living organism, fuel themselves with glucose, and build and repair themselves with proteins and fats. This is what we need. Over the millenias our stomach and intestines have develloped proteins, enzymes and hormones to digest those nutrients from our food intake. Our body is therefore in homeostasis with those types of foods, the ones that nature has been providing us with. We basically grew up together. These foods are whole and unprocessed, like us they are not chemicals.

What’s in a whole food, like a fruit or a vegetable for example? Well there’s vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fibers. Some even have fats! And yes I forgot, sugars… Ok, so what’s in sugar then? Well, it’s pure sooo…. sugar! that’s it! nothing else! Our body hasn’t grown to assimilate pure sugar, it’s a man-made creation, a processed food that creates havoc in our body. Our digestive system is built to handle whole balanced foods, simply, slowly and timely, not chemicals.

Sugar, or worse fructose is almost in all processed foods, even in non-foods like cigarettes (up to 20% if not more). I’m sorry but raw, cane, even unprocessed honey is just sugar in your body. Would you give a cigarette or a glass of wine to a 6 year old? No, I guess not, so why give sugar? I know it’s hard to understand, but if you are curious you can read a few books to get the ball rolling and make up your own mind. In the end, shouldn’t you choose what is right over what everybody says? Remember how cigarettes used to be promoted by doctors only 50 years ago! And you know what they say about heart-clogging fats and cholesterol today… (oh, you don’t…sorry)

So here are a few suggestions; first the classic, a very easy and entertaining read:

Sugar Blues by William Dufty

Sweet poison, why sugar makes us fat by David Gillespie

So what now?

Well, only the first days /weeks are hard, sugar is actually addictive and you might go through some withdrawal symptoms, but after it just gets easier.  It really depends on the level of consumption you were having. How do I feel today? Well I drink much less coffee, and actually I found that many little snacks  I used to have were just an excuse to have sugar!!! If I snack now, as actually snaking is waaaaay down, it’s on almond butter, nuts, a piece of chicken or ham. Basically I eat less and have no cravings in between meals, and meals are overall even tastier!

At first I did snack on a few apples, or less frequently babanas. Generally speaking 2 to 3 fruits a day is ok, but even then now I just don’t feel like those kind of foods anymore. I think that when you focus on nutrient dense live food, the rest just leaves you on your appetite. Fruits and stuff are just not to me appealing anymore. I didn’t expect this! I also snack on, brace yourself… garlic. I chop it down finely and slurp it down with a glass of water, as you would do a supplement.

The end result? I feel I’m slowly losing some more weight, those darn ‘love handles’, I no longer have cravings, no up and down of energy, and my day is not subdivided by looking for sugar breaks. Actually I find that I get more things done in a day and that time just flies by. Sugar, it’s just amazing that it is an activity in itself, and without it, you just get more out of life!

  So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

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What’s wrong with sugar???

What’s wrong with sugar???

November 15, 2010


Man I’ve been busy, full time at work, but I’m back for a short post, maybe, we’ll see….

How are you guys doing? We’ve changed the clock setting and got one more hour of sleep. Hope you took advantage of it, I know I did. I needed it, you see I hit 51 a couple of weeks ago!

Well I didn’t need it because of my age, but because of all the sugar I ate/drank. Coming out of the October Paleo Challenge I felt great, and then I started to feel not so good anymore. I wanted to be flexible for my guests, so I took some cake and hors d’oeuvre, flour and sugar stuff, baklavas…. So what happened? I started to cough and get the sniffles, headaches, itchy eyes and cravings. And now not only a small skin rash is back but also my mild insomnia (I even don’t poop the same, but won’t go into details…) And I lost a hole in my belt as my belly is now bulging out! All this from a tiny bit of food, not even a whole meal….Dang!!!

So what was it? The sugars? Dairy? Grains? I’m not sure because I’ve tried them all at the same time. Since then I’ve been reading up on sugar. Now I’m convinced that even if it’s not the main culprit it no longer has it’s place in our home.

Sugar sugar by any other name is not

Now there is just too much confusion about sugar…all carbs are not the same, so I’ll just make a few disctinction here:

1- Carbohydrates are nutrients made up of carbon atoms hydrated by water molecules (Carbon-Hydrates H2O) That’s enough. So depending how these atoms are put together you get glucose, fructose, galactose, cellulose, starches, glycogen, fiber, etc… Different configurations equals different names equals different properties. So all carbs are NOT the same, that’s the first confusion.

2- Glucose is THE ONLY carb the body use for energy in virtually all tissues and organs. It is the preferred energy source for the brain. All other carbs we eat HAVE to be converted into glucose. Any excess is stored as FAT, yes FAT is sugar! FAT is just stored energy and is made of the same carb atoms but for some reason are not called carbs (go figure!). FAT = STORED ENERGY. That’s the second confusion

FUN FACT: Ok, you guys have been great so here’s a simple fun fact: Starch is the FAT of plants. That’s it! The plants takes sunlight and combines CO2 and H2O to create glucose and release oxygen. We are alive because plants process sunlight! No sun, no plants, no us. And the plant stores extra energy/glucose as STARCH which is PLANT FAT. When you eat a starchy food like rice, bread, potatoes and so forth you are eating FAT, see the connection now?

3- Sugar is proccessed food and there lies the problem. Actually it’s not even food, it’s a chemical, it’s inert and dead. It is void of all nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, it is only energy. High Fructose Corn Syrup has the same problem but even worse, but I won’t get into it here.

OK so why no sugar?

Ok, very important here, I say NO to sugar, not to carbs!!! See the difference!!!

There is nothing wrong with fruits and vegetables because they are unproccessed and therefore alive and full of nutrients. But what happens when you eat sugar? Your body must borrow vital nutrients from healthy cells to metabolize the incomplete food. Calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium are taken from various parts of the body to make use of the sugar. Many times, so much calcium is used to neutralize the effects of sugar that the bones become osteoporotic due to the withdrawn calcium. 

I won’t reinvent the wheel so here’s from another website in a nutshell: Sugars inhibit the function of our immune system, and increase diseases caused by poor immune function, such as colds, flu, AIDS, allergies, infections, …

Sugars lack the vitamins and minerals required for their own metabolism. To be metabolized, sugars must draw on our body’s stores of these nutrients. The more sugars you eat, the more vitamins and minerals you need. It can leach B, C, D  vitamins, and those minerals: calcium, phosphorous, iron, selenium, zinc, chromium, vanadium, tin, boron, bismuth, rare earth elements etc. from our teeth, bones, and tissues. As these are depleted, our body becomes less able to carry out other functions that require minerals and vitamins to be present: to metabolize fats and cholesterol; to convert cholesterol into bile acids for removal from our body through the stool; or to burn-off excess fats as heat or increased activity.  We have already started walking our way to cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

In conclusion:

If you want to loose weight just eat less starch/plant fat.

If you want your health keep to real live carbs, not proccessed foods. Almost everything in a box/can/bottle has sugar in it, even cigarettes! Sugar, even organic cane sugar is toxic and addictive. Now that’s simple. Eat real food, not added sugar.

(PS: Paleo restrictions of grains/legumes/dairy have to do with anti nutrients, not with carbs, but that’s for another posting)

Live long and prosper!   Oops, wrong closing line…..

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

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