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Down we go! Definitively not the Easter Parade!

Down we go! Definitively not the Easter Parade! Yes it’s that simple, oxygen keeps you alive and oxygen kills you at the same time! Talk about a Faust-ian deal! Now you see why excess carbs is a problem, it means excess oxygen, excess free radicals, excess damage. It also means glycation, where the body, freaking out, combines the excess sugar with proteins, making them inoperable (you know, wrinkles on your face….) The body just wants to get it out…the plants did. Continue reading

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Why we get fat, still.

We don’t get fat, we must forget this whole concept. The question is more ‘Why does my body prefer to store nutrients instead of using them? The body can store enormous amounts of fat, some proteins (the extras are converted into fat) and even less carbs/sugar (again the extras are transformed into fat). This is just basic biochemistry and nothing is new here.

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