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Paleo, so far…….

Do I miss the what not to eat eat food? No, rarely…bread, pastas, sugars, after a while they are just not interesting foods. Actually compared to meat and vegetables they are not food, they are concoctions, inventions, man-made condiments. And now that I have developped a taste for 35% heavy cream, in my coffee or just as a sip, they have just become boring foods. They offer no depth of experience, they don’t linger on the pallate. They just actually leave you with a feeling of needing more. They are not fullfilling… Continue reading

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Nitty Gritty Existentialism

You see, Paleo is based on the concept of evolution, that we evolved as any other species, that we developed a niche and became so succesfull we litteraly ate our competition. So far so good, but as a species we came from some unicellular organism about 4 billion years ago on this planet. Yes we are on a planet in the middle of space just hanging out (actually falling at thousands of mph). So from archeology Paleo brings you to cosmology. (in between there is chemistry and physics somewhere). Continue reading

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Why we get fat, still.

We don’t get fat, we must forget this whole concept. The question is more ‘Why does my body prefer to store nutrients instead of using them? The body can store enormous amounts of fat, some proteins (the extras are converted into fat) and even less carbs/sugar (again the extras are transformed into fat). This is just basic biochemistry and nothing is new here.

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